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    Do you need a fashion degree to go into fashion? If you don't I would do a science degree so you still have both options at the end. If you do a fashion degree you won't get a science related job. The only way I can think to link the two is by doing Chemistry and then going into makeup development.

    (Original post by minimalme)
    sorry, did I miss something, was I meant to post a diatribe for your enjoyment?

    on a less *****y note, my father runs the materials course at QMUL.
    Have a nice day.

    (Original post by Stasiaxx)
    Have a nice day.
    well that was a bit weird.

    I'm pretty sure I sawe a poster on a bus about this once.
    It had a picture of some hot babe on it with tonz of labels coming out from her like "design make-up that never smudges" and it had something to do with her lipstick.. I think.

    But then it had a similar poster next to it, with a snail on it, with a label coming out of its mouth saying "design a mouthpiece so that snails can communicate with you!" so I laughed and moved on.

    ~how exciting.

    (Original post by alex.k)
    Bit of an odd question but can anyone think of a way to combine these two, im intrested in sciences, mainly bioligy and chemistry, but also have a passion for makeup, fashion and modelling

    any ideas on how to combine the two and also on how to get qualifications or summer course on the fashion/beauty side of things ?
    Have a look at the School of Materials at Manchester University.

    The answer's staring you right in the face!
    Borrow Hermione's 'Time Turner' then you can be a biologist/chemist/fashionista
    See, there's always a solution to every problem *gives a good ol' swing of the arm*
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