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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Liverpool and yeah of course there is stuff to do.. but I'd feel like an idiot doing it on my own. I feel like people have just forgotten about me, people started doing things and didn't invite me or not letting me know what was going on and at that point we'd all just come back after christmas and I'd done absolutely nothing wrong. All I've ever been to these people is nice and pleasant.

    All I do these days is go to the gym, food shopping, sit in my room on facebook, do coursework and go to the library. I haven't been out in nearly two weeks. I know people are doing coursework and stuff but when absolutely everyone is going out how come 1 out of about 15 people can't let me know?
    Tbh this sounds like a normal thing for me too, with the exception that I now make sure that I let people know if I want to go out; you have to chase them I'm afraid. I know it leads you to question why exactly, but people can be strange, especially in large groups. They might be recalling a few times you didn't want to go out, and with the other willing people at their side, figuring that you aren't worth the effort/you'll decline anyway. Thats what happened with me, I was sick for a few weeks and afterwards people were going out wihout inviting me, and in the end I had to confront them and they pretty much said they thought I'd been avoiding them and I didn't want to hang out with them!

    So, just go confront them and let them know you want to go on nights out too; you ask them, and you chase them for answers.
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    (Original post by mazzaws)
    Are you sure you're not depressed? I would go see a medical professional, because I had a similar outlook on life and I now have some medication to get me through it, it really does help!
    I don't think I am. I think I'm just one of those up and down people. I haven't been able to settle in uni for the first month I stuck it out then have been home nearly every other weekend since then. I've got friends here and they're really nice, but I don't focus on my course at all because I hate it and haven't really built myself a life here. My main life is at home and that's because I've gone home all the time so it's like normal, seeing my friends on the weekend and stuff like it would be if I'd just stayed at home.

    I saw a doctor before and my mum came with me (sounds a bit pathetic lol) but I explained about my insomnia and constantly feeling down and all he could say to me 'Exercise in the morning' and 'Make sure you go to all your lectures no matter how tired you are' but I still feel like crap all the time.

    It's got to the point where I've stopped making an effort because I just can't wait to go back home.. I hate the fact that I was home on the weekend and my flatmate asked me to go on a night out, which I could have come back for but decided not to. Because basically I couldn't be bothered but then I Realise how much I'm missing out on. But it seems whenever I am at uni, nothing good happens!

    It's not pathetic at all, I think that you need to find what's best for you, because you really want to do something that you love. What about switching courses? And this doctor sounds rubbish, no offense, you may need a second opinion.

    And there are a few disorders (that sounds harsh, but they're really just chemical imbalances that can be restored using various methods of therapy) that could fit your symptoms, because it frankly doesn't sound like that's right. I hope you can find a way to feel better.
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