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Junk in the trunk or a rack upfront? watch

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    I'd tap dat ass!
    Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow
    Dayn I need dem both


    (Original post by j.laurence)
    I'm a breast man but I rate arses.
    Loving the Giggs

    how is ass better than boobs? i don't get it! i have a round bum but i don't see how tha is better than boobs.
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    I'm a chick and I definitely think a sexy big ass is better than boobs. That's my opinion though. Obviously I think to be super hot you need both: ass and boobs. A big ass and flat chest isnt ideal but then nor are big boobs and a flat ass. I definitely find girls with big asses and small/big boobs sexier than girls with big boobs and small butt. Personal opinion though

    (Original post by Crocodile, M.D.)
    i asked you about orgasms and so i'm being offended by sexual banter? naw, i just think you're a whore and you ought to simply be honest about it rather than deny it. you're just a good for nothing piece of trash seeking to flirt with random ******s.
    Was that directed at me? Crocodile, I'm hurt :sad:

    Why can't we all just get along?
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    A nice shaped ass is sooooo sexy. It's a big turn on...even more when the girl loves doggy.

    ass > rack
    but who doesn't love a nice rack.

    Few girls actually have an amazing ass. With boobs, it's just meat/fat there and they can work it. But an ass needs the right shape which doesnt come naturally to most.

    My girlfriend's ass is like Scarlett Johannson's in Iron Man 2. It's wow.

    (Original post by Powerlifter)
    A common thread, time for it again I feel (being a big pervert) - and I know there are fellas and ladies who are inclined that way who like both, but everyone has a preference.

    Is a great ass enough to make up for a lack of rack?

    Is a great rack enough to make up for a flat arse?

    Do you want to 'pull up to the bumper' or 'flash the headlights'

    Really this is an excuse to post pictures so the only thing on this thread is - if you make a choice - back it up with photo evidence!!!

    Now I am an ass man plain and simple, I like boobies don't get me wrong - but if there is no junk in the trunk - I'm not interested! Shallow? I don't care, others have their preferences and I have mine.

    Yours may be smaller buts, big, medium or small boobies

    For my submission I present Jaimie Koeppe simply becuase, well look!!!!
    I would tap that, mercilessly.

    (Original post by Powerlifter)
    I doubt many would disagree with you, however that is not the question.
    True, but this is like choosing which testicle you value the most.

    Bootylicous! everytime, thats what has made j lo & Beyonce what they are today and the girl out of the pussy cat dolls, come on ladies go to it work on those asses!
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