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Plymouth or Bristol UWE? Confused ;S watch

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    I've really gone off on one there, so;

    tl;dr = do I go to plymouth or bristol UWE for computing, and why?

    I applied to 5 unis, Plymouth, Portsmouth, UWE, Gloucester for BSc Computing and Oxford Brookes for BSc Computer Science. All except UWE, who want 240, want 300+ points.

    I got conditional offers from all 5 without interviews, most of the people in my year had interviews for their offers, so I guess that means I either had a good personal statement(my grades are going to be a maximum of 340pts if I do blindingly well) or the course isn't very sought after.

    I chose not to do Computer Science because from everything I was told, I formed the impression that it was very much set modules, and you learn what you're told to learn. Like the last 13 years of school. Also, I didn't like the idea of doing 6 modules on Artficial Intelligence, because it's not what I want to go to uni for. Computing I was told is very much open modules, so I can learn what I want to learn.

    My issue now lies with choosing a university. I wanted to pick Plymouth as my first choice and UWE as my backup. I haven't already done so. The reason why I'm having second thoughts is because I have friends who live in Plymouth, and cousins who live there who all went to uni in Plymouth. They all tell me it's really hard to find a job. My cousin has a marine biology degree and has had to volunteer for the last 6 months at an aquarium, just to be offered a job.

    So the lack of jobs in Plymouth is really swaying me away from going there, as I will get very little support from my parents because they don't want to fund me through uni, and they are in a very high income bracket (90,000+) so I won't get much if any state funding.

    My parents really think I should go to UWE, and I admit even though the UCASPTS look really low, I was impressed by what I saw at the open day. It wouldn't be too hard to find accomodation in Bristol, and I assume that it's a more affluent area due to it being a big city and all.

    All the above = major confusion, and I just need someone to give me some facts or something to go on.


    Apparently the computer equipment in UWE is nice. I have friends who go there who also do Computing who think the teachers are awful. They don't feel as though they are pushed hard enough and find many of the modules too easy/boring. When questioned, the teachers often don't know how to answer the question if it's on anything beyond the course syllabus (which in my opinion is pretty bad, all lecturers should have an active interest across their subject area)

    Plymouth is meant to be better, though obviously I only have experience of UWE.

    I live in Plymouth and it's true there are NO jobs here. Not sure about Bristol but to be honest once you graduate wont you move back home anyway? You don't have to stay where you went to university - or do you mean it was hard to find a job based on the fact they went to plymouth uni?
    I'm going to UWE in september for my second degree, it seems really nice but I haven't looked round yet!

    Everyone gets 2/3 of the student finance available regardless of income so dont let that sway you. Plus you have a whole summer to work and save up!

    I had the same decision to make 3 years ago. I chose Plymouth and have never regretted it since, great uni, social life, and my lecturers are fantastic, all of them have a VERY deep knowledge and have all published books on their subjects (Maths BSc degree).

    Plus I went to a UWE open day and a plymouth open day. Living in Plymouth there is no need to every catch a bus as everything is located in the city centre, but at UWE the site is in the middle of nowhere off a main road which looked to me as though it should be an industrial estate!

    Plymouth all the way
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    I'll admit right now that I will not be, in any way, a high-spending student. My parents really taught me the value of money by never buying me anything or giving me pocket money when I was younger, so I have learnt not to spend very much at all. I realise that it's entirely different living alone with all the washing, bills etc, but still.

    Also, did you ever have any trouble finding a job in Plymouth?
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