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How do you make someone just... leave you alone?! watch

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    Anon or delete (I'm pretty sure she comes on here!)

    I know exactly how I'm gonna put this and it sounds completely harsh but I just want this girl to **** off and leave me the **** alone!!

    I'm not single. I have a gf, although we don't go to the same Uni. Ever since I started Uni, since I met her, I've felt awkward about this girl. I knew when I met her I just had this sense that she was going to really try it on with me and I felt impending doom and I knew my gf wasn't going to be happy!

    So basically she follows me around. She writes suggestive notes all over my lecture notes. She sends me heaps of texts. She calls me a "fag" and a "douche" all the time and tells me that I fail at life. Last week she spent all day going on at me about how my relationship is stupid and how I'm going to die alone?! She keeps asking me to swap classes so that I can be around her...

    And she also has these really weird obsessions about our lecturers. Urgh!!

    And when she found out I was religious she out-right took the piss. I know lots of people would, but not necessarily to my face like she did? They might say "oh I think religion is silly" or "I don't believe in that crap" or something but she just made such a massive deal of it.

    She just drags me down... and I can't get rid of her.

    Anybody got any ideas? :rolleyes:

    Oh dear. It sounds like she really likes you and thinks by insulting you in what she probably assumes is an endearing fashion, she will get you to like her too. Shame.

    If I were you, I'd just have to tell her to do one. People like this freak me out when they just don't get the message. Either that, or drop massive hints about how immense your girlfriend is and how you can really see it going somewhere etc etc. Don't be unnecessarily harsh to the girl, as she clearly likes you, but make it clear that it's never going to happen.

    Does your girlfriend know about this? Before you do anything it might be wise to just let her know that you want to get rid of this stalker. Have you tried telling her to simply f*** off? Or if you get your girlfriends approval then maybe try to pretend you have some interest and lure her or something then treat her like s***. Maybe something like offering to take her on a date then just not go and tell her you overslept.

    Tell her you have a contagious infection. That should keep her away.
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