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Has anyone tried prozac and how were the results.........? watch

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    I have been diagnosed with endogenous depression by my GP, which has been eating away at me for years. I tried dealing with it by myself as most men do but have finally decided to confront it. When I feel down, I feel really down and get suicidal thoughts, i.e to jump off bridges etc.

    Anyway, my doc said he is booking me in for couselling in a few months but also asked if I would like to take Prozac. Was wondeering if anyone has taken it and how did it work out? cheers
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    I took it for 18 months and came off it nearly two years ago. It's considered a 'safe' antidepressant for young people. I found that I felt really sick for maybe three days and then had no side effects at all - I think commonly you can get side effects for up to two weeks, and the same when you come off it if you don't come off really slowly. Generally you start feeling better after about four weeks. It's not going to make you suddenly happy, but it gives you a better baseline mood so you don't feel so low, so it works really well with counselling therapies as they kind of interact and work better together than either do separately.

    I've been on it for about 13 months and it's worked really well for me in combination with counselling. It doesn't make you feel happy, but stops you feeling so depressed and gives you back the ability to feel happiness. Taking it and having counselling at the same time means you have some breathing space to work on your issues and makes you able to think more clearly without the depression dragging you down.
    So yes, both together really worked for me. I don't think one on their own would have worked so well, each was important. Good luck

    I took it, and it made me a whole lot worse. But every drug has a different effect on people; it could work straight off, or you might need to try another drug. Best of luck!

    (Original post by raspberrybubbles)
    I took it, and it made me a whole lot worse. But every drug has a different effect on people; it could work straight off, or you might need to try another drug. Best of luck!
    I had quite negative side effects. I shan't mention as its not necessary. However each drug works differently on different people.

    I was also on citalopram and constantly felt drunk. I then found out they had expired the previous year so never went on any others after that because I became paranoid they were trying to make me really ill :s:
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    Im not taking prozac but another antidepressant in the same family.
    I've found it to be really good!
    I did have counselling without the medication at first, and we didnt really get anywhere, and now with the medication and counselling it is working really well
    Do agree with the others above that it probably works best with the counselling, and dont expect it to be a 'miracle cure' type thing.

    I've taken a lot of different antidepressants and I gotta say prozac was the absolute no contest worst. I only took it a few days but my god I have never felt so bad in my life. I thought I was going to die and was hoping I would very very quickly to get the **** free from that ****.

    That said, haha, erm...antidepressants can react badly with people, but generally they don't react too badly and if they do there are many different other ones you could try instead. I'd say give it a shot because huge bad reactions aren't that common (like I said I tried a lot and none came close to how bad prozac was for me) and antidepressants affect everyone differently. What's hell for one person may well cure someone else's depression.

    No no no, you meant to only take it when the long suffering family member/friend shoves it down your throat after fiding out that you have been hiding the tabs under your tongue before spitting them down the ****er.

    But seriously I hope that it works out for you.
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    Just made me feel a bit better and lifted me out of a dark patch, no side effects
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