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Word count watch


    You can summarise and 'signal' to the marker that you've had to skip briefly through somethings you could have gone into greater depth on... they seem to quite like that.

    We're told refs/biblo doesn't count as part of your wc, I do the typing for those in a separate document anyway and just join them when I'm absolutely finished - but that could just be me being weird.

    (Original post by History123)
    My essay is meant to be 2000 words, but the tutor has said it doesnt matter if its a couple of hundred over. I am currently on 2300 and can get rid of nothing, and still need to put another 100 words in, so do you think i can get away with having 2400 and putting 2200 down?
    its submitted on paper not electronically
    By "a couple of hundred" the tutor probably means...a couple of hundred (2000 - giving a 10% leeway).

    Is there not a word count policy in the department, something specifically stated on course handbooks or some other documentation€?

    If not, and your tutor is giving some misleading signals (not being specific with how far over you can be and coming off as "laid back") then this isn't helpful. Perhaps you will be able to get away with it. Then again, as most universities/departments take work that's over-length quite seriously perhaps you won't.

    Your decision but, in my opinion, it's not worth making. The word count is there fore everyone and t'is all about writing concisely and to a set number of words.

    Make sure you know what should be included in the word count and what shouldn't.

    Write the essay and then do some significant trimming. It shouldn't be difficult to being it down to 2,200 words.

    (Original post by miss_sporty)
    make the font smaller thats what i did with a piece of coursework they didnt notice
    Errr.....no. Often departments will specifically asking for 12 size font, Arial or Times New Roman and double spaced. This is to ensure readability and also gives them a rough idea that the word count stated on the essay is correct.

    If font size is small this will only make the marker suspect and count the words by hand.

    For those who have (or will) suggest either not stating a word count, or using a false one, this will again risk suspicions and the student can still be deducted marks and face possible discplinary action as it is, essentially, academic dishonesty.

    (Original post by GodspeedGehenna)
    Going that far over the word limit would gain you a big fat zero for your coursework in my department.

    Up to 5% = five mark penality, up to 10% = 10 mark penality and up to 15% a fifteen mark penality. Anything over than and zero.

    And it because policy can change by department (some where are saying they are allowed to go 10% over, I wasn't even allowed to be one word over) that you really need to find your own department's policy.

    Pretty sure you could narrow the word count down to 2,000 OP, especially if your essay has a lot of padding/unecessary words.

    (Original post by Stricof)
    This is University level not A level.
    Well most universities also specifiy a precise word limit for assessed coursework. No "you're allowed to go over a bit" BS.

    Personally, I wouldn't risk going over by more than 10%. Saying that, in our department, word counts are very strict.

    Cut out all the verbs.
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