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    I know there have probably been tonnes of threads along the lines of this, but I'm really stumped. I'm currently in Year 12 and I don't know what degree to do, and obviously while you can't choose for me, any advice based on what I want to do in the future would be of great help to me.

    I love maths, and it is by far my best subject. I got the top results in my year in the Core 1 and Mechs 1 modules, so there's nothing stopping me ability wise. I'm just not sure where it could take me...

    I also love Physics, especially astronomy. I find it so fascinating, and I wish there was some sort of clear path that would interlink maths and astronomy. I'm good at Physics, but I'm better at Maths. I don't want to go for a degree that I won't enjoy, and obviously I don't want to regret any of the choices I make.

    I went to CERN the other month, and what they do there also greatly fascinates me. Again, if there was a direct route than meant I could become say a research scientist/mathematician there I would take it, but I really have no idea.

    I don't want to do a subject and then become trapped by it, ie doing Pure Maths and then having to completely forget about Physics. I have looked at Maths and Physics, but that seems like it would be more the mathematical side to Physics than some of the theory that I would love to do.

    My Sixth Form is really pushing the Oxbridge candidates at the moment to get into our minds degrees we'd like to do, so I would like to narrow it down but again I just don't know.

    I realise it's a lot of factors, but basically what I'm asking is; is there a degree I could do that means I could that sort of astronomy research while also being a keen mathematician? Or should I start doing Maths with Physics and specialise in a certain area as I progress in my degree? Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Don't do Maths just because you're getting high marks at A level. It's not much in comparison to the rigorous proofs and ground-work you'll be doing at university. I know plenty of people who were great at it when it was A level, and now they're partying and leaving work until the last minute, claiming that university maths is stupid. It's not stupid, it's difficult, and it requires some passion.

    Physics seems more or less the same.

    Maths and Physics is a strong degree, and the people who I know that do the joint degree absolutely love their physics and actually find the maths a little harder; take what you will from that information.

    Alternatively, you could do a pure mathematics degree and take up a few physics or theoretical physics modules later in your degree. In the third year of my pure maths BSc, I have the option of studying electromagnetism and quantum theory (we used to have magnetohydrodynamics and possibly some string theory or something, but due to a lack of professors they're no longer running).

    Other universities (Warwick, Imperial, UCL) do have a wider variety of courses available so you can really take a venture whilst doing a pure mathematics degree. Look at the prospectus and the course content before you apply, though.
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