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depression and kicked out of college watch

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    Heyy everyone sorry if this is in the wrong area, as I just thought it would be best if I posted this anonymously. Also sorry if you can’t understand this as I am in a rush to write this.

    Anyways I was kicked out of college about a month ago because according to the teachers (who were real b****ereds) because of my depression. It had really affected me, for example every time morning came I just couldn’t cope getting out of bed and it felt sooooo horribleeee especially when I couldn’t sleep at night and I woke up at least 3 times and by the time you know it morning has come. I also had many headaches and had cramps in belly, my bones ached and I was very unhappy and always quiet. I had taken a btec level 3 in electronic engineering (which was a waste and this was always partly why I as depressed) one of my teachers who was the head of the course I know hated me, as he always picked on me.

    Anyways the crunch came about a month ago when I was seeing a mentor, counsellor and my doctor all of whom emailed by head of course and tutor explaining my situation and that it should be kept confidential. Well that didn’t last long when my tutor started telling people my problems and before consulting me he thought he should tell the class that he was going to kick me out. This made me feel so embarrassed and down that I didn’t attend for 3 days. I hadn’t mentioned my depression to my mom, however mentioned it to my sister and my dad occasionally he lives in the us).

    So this tutor of mines decides to call my mom and telling her that I hadn’t been attending and went on to telling her about my situation which he knew was confidential and had no right telling her!!!!! And when she found out she was mad as hell at me and saying what do you have to be depressed abouttttt!!!!!!!! Your 16!!!!!!!! And blah blah blah. So he wanted to arrange a meeting with her ( I guess to shame me much more) and before the meeting my sister went to see him and told him you had no right to tell my mom about my brother and that you had also no right of telling people in the class and forcing him to tell his situation in front of the class. He then tried blaming me saying I had told the class my self (I didn’t even tell my own friends about my situation). When I and mom went to see my tutor I had let all anger out on him telling him he had no right to tell people my situation!!!!! And that he wants to kick me out of college because I am depressed!!!! He then again tried pinning everything on me saying I had told the class and making false stories and my mom thought getting kicked out was my fault.

    Anyways now I am feeling I have made a recovery and hope this does not happen again. However I am ready to apply to do AS levels but don’t know what to write where it says WHAT IS YOUR PRESENT SCHOOL OR COLLEGE and wants REFERENCE. So should I just write n/a???? And regarding the reference, I have my secondary school reference. Also should I ever hopefully get an interview should I tell them that I hadn’t gone to college or sixth form due to personal reasons or should I tell them the truth ( but if I tell them I had gone to college for a while they may want a reference from my btec course and as I have said my situation had really affected my performance and to be honest I don’t want to step foot into that college).

    p.s: this sixth form I am applying to had accepted me for AS levels but decided not to go. What will I say if they ask why did you not decide to attend our sixth form?
    Hope you guys can help.
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