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Oral sex on girls (question for guys) watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I said special soap, the kind that is created for that area (ph neutral stuff). I think it is the only that should be used, because you wouldn't use no soap?
    Using water alone is more than enough to keep the area clean and balanced. If that's what works for you that's good and fine, but honestly water alone works just as well, if not better if your soap has any scents or anything.

    (Original post by jonski)
    Wouldn't do it on a random ons but quite like doing it on gf's.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I don't know if most of you do go down on girls or not - but I have a question

    Which reasons are there for not going down on a girl other than hygiene?

    My hygiene is fine, I wax brazilian style, use special soap etc., and almost every guy I've been with have gone down on me. But I have experienced not receiving.

    Could it be:
    - Afraid of not knowing how / pleasing me properly
    - Doesn't like the taste (that natural taste of vagina)
    - Laziness
    - Prefers to be in a dominant role / not making an effort to please a woman

    Are any of you in this position or know someone who is?
    Hope for replies
    Like all things in life, some people like doing it and others don't. Oral sex isn't directly pleasurable to the giver for either sex, and tends to have some unpleasant bits (being an awkward position, being difficult, worrying about doing it right, being an effort, etc.), so whether someone likes giving it usually depends on whether they get off on being in control and causing the other person pleasure. As you see in everything thread about oral sex, both guys and girls are split on whether they get off on this so love giving, or whether they don't and so find it a bit of a chore to do or refuse outright. The reason people don't want to is usually not the issue (though there are a few people who have strong objections to it), the issue is more often whether they find aspects of it a turn on, and if not, whether they're willing to do it anyway to make their partner happy.
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