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is lady gaga controversial or gone too far? watch

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    is lady gaga a genious or just gone too far?
    can theatre be controversial in the same way as gaga?

    She is an extremely egotistical attention whore who thinks she is changing the face of music, when in reality she is doing something that has been done a hundred times before. She hardly writes any of her own songs either. So in what way is she a genius? And if wearing strange costumes is controversial then people haven't heard of what went on at the beginning of the Norwegian black metal scene; murders, suicides and church burnings. Anyway if she was such a genius she would write all her own songs and be able to play instruments as well. She can't dance that well either.

    That said I listen to her a lot and she is the only modern pop artist i can actually listen to and enjoy. I am not even sure why, I guess she just does pop perfectly.

    she's different.... gets the second glance
    unlike this generic pop crap being churned out

    She's not a genius, she rips off David Bowie and Madonna a lot and has a whole team of people to come up with her outfits, videos, stage shows etc.

    I do like her music though. :ninja:

    She's different. But the media will start tearing her apart for being an attention seeker soon, guarantee it. You can only get away with being pretentious for a certain amount of time. Then again Tracey Emin and Hirst seem to be able to keep churning out ****. So you never know.

    I wouldn't call her a genius, but I wouldn't call her particularly controversial either. She really is more of an attention-seeker than a genuine avant-garde super-whatsit.
    She makes listenable electro-pop, wears some pretty strange outfits and makes frequent, random comments about what she is/has done/is doing. That's about it. Yes, she says she smokes pot, but there are countless other musicians who have made the same comments, and it hardly has the same interest value as, say, Led Zeppelin and the rumours involving the groupie and a shark. That's pretty wild.
    Mind you, if she starts advocating cannibalism or something I'll eat my words.
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