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I've screwed things up and don't know what to do watch

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    Basically the other night when I was completely smashed I made a big hash up of things, and I'm not sure what to do now. Any advice aside from "what did you do that for you pleb" would be greatly appreciated.

    Basically I have a friend and we get on well, only thing is I'm absolutely mad about her. I know for a fact that she's very fond of me, but I'm not sure if that's as far as it goes or not. The other night we were all out and the two of us were getting on like a house on fire getting extremely drunk, she was being very complimentary about me as well. Everyone we were out with ended up back at our flat, and this is where it went tits up.

    I decided that tonight would be the night I let her know once and for all how I feel, and I was in my room thinking about what to say. I went to find her but lo and behold, a mate came in and told me she was pulling a guy I know. As he left the room I tried to calm down, but due to a bad combination of way too much drink and emotions running high, I lost it and smashed my drawer into pieces (I'm not normally an aggressive guy btw). She found out and obviously now knows how I feel, albeit in the worst way possible.

    That night she found me and we had a chat, I could've found out how she feels one way or another but some tit came in and ruined it, and the moment was gone. Since then we've talked on FB and she was really nice about the situation, asking if I was alright and saying she hopes things are cool between us. I don't know what to do for two reasons, A) I don't know if I had a chance before but I surely don't now, I know if a female friend smashed up her room because I pulled someone else I'd think "avoid". B) We're good friends and we have most of the same mates, and I don't want it to be ackward to hang around with her and the rest of them.

    Next time we're all out should I just leave it untill it goes away or tell her directly what she already knows, that I'm crazy about her? I'm a bit inexperienced in these things because she's the first girl I've ever felt this way about, and I include girls I've been with in that.

    Cheers for reading, and sorry the post is a bit of a trek.
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