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Who am I? My mixed race makes me feel confusing watch

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    I just arrive Bristol and started my uni for nearly a month.
    Since I arrived Bristol, I met quite a lot of racists while I was walking on the street.
    Some crazy young kids (Chav?:confused:) made fun of me by mocking some sort of Asian/Chinese language like Ching Chong Ong Ong.... and some of them even asked me to go back to China.

    This bring up a question to me. "Where is my home country?" "China?"
    I dont feel I hv a great connection with China even I speak Chinese.

    I am actually a mixed race who grow up in Hong Kong with my parents who are half British half German(Dad) and half Chinese quarter Korean quarter Japanese(Mom).
    To sum up, I am

    I do look like a Chinese/South East Asian in some ways e.g. the black almond shaped eye and dark brown hair.
    But I get the white skin and nose which make me look like a white girl when I was in Hong Kong.

    I studied in the local Chinese schools in Hong Kong therefore I speak Chinese(both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese) better than English. I spoke very little German when I was a kid...like Guten Tag or Danke only...Most of my friends are Chinese or Asian, so I did consider myself as a Chinese/Asian without a doubt even ppl sometimes consider me as a white girl simply because I hv white skin and the so-called "westerner nose".

    My very 1st day in Bristol uni, I introduced myself like "I come from Hong Kong." to new ppl I met but what I usually got next is "Are you Chinese then?"
    The 1st response from my mind was "Yes." but when ppl keep asking why I dont look like other Chinese/Asian classmate in uni, I reli dont know how to response coz obviously everyone is different even they are in the same race. But for my case, I look a bit more different from a stereotype Chinese and this also caused confuses abt my identity. Therefore I started to think abt my identity and keep asking myself "who am I" recently.

    well....I hv no idea what I am saying and thinking right now....
    sorry for my bad english and i hope someone who got similar experience can help me to figure out which way should i go to find out my identity.

    Thanks x

    I wouldn't worry about your other races, but tbh you should just say that you are half british and half chinese. Don't give people a lecture on your background.

    A lot of brits are racist towards chinese people, and although brits themselves are annoying, many don't think high of chinese people because of the usual view that many chinese are arrogant, self centered and nerds when it comes to work. And unfortunately some of the time it is true. But not always. I think you are a good chinese person and don't let this behaviour towards you put you down.

    Go up to people and hang with them, make jokes and follow what they do to see if they are interested in you as a person, without caring what background you are from. They might end up being your friends.
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    Half British Half Chinese is how I called myself now....but its still hard for me to tell where my motherland is, even I was born and grow up in Hong Kong, a city in China, I still dont find China as my motherland.
    I am hanging out with other erasmus classmates recently, its not difficult to find that some of them are actually kind of racist. They always make fun of Chinese students in class. Everytime I hear they talk **** about Chinese student, I feel kinda sad....
    I am probably now considered as a white ***** in some of my Chinese classmates's eyes. I tried to talk to 2 of the Chinese students in my class today in Chinese, and they were like "who the hell are you?". That really pissed me off.

    I feel like a nobody in the middle.
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