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    After getting a 2011 entry offer to study Biomedical Engineering at Imperial, (which was awesome!), I've recently become more and more interested in studying medicine over the research route I had been considering beforehand.

    Imperial themselves go so far as to point out this possible option on their site, and other med courses seem to mention similar degree entry routes, so I was wondering if anyone here is either considering a similar option or has successfully used a biomed eng degree, (or even a similar non med but med related degree), as a foot in the door for a career in medicine.

    Knowing how competitive med is, I figure it's best to start considering it now rather than later :b.

    (I also know that I will need a sparkling, high level degree before even considering this, but it's still something to think about)

    First off, nice avatar!

    Have you checked out the TSR guide? http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki...cine_-_a_guide

    You'll need to get a 2.1 and pass an entrance exam (UKCAT/BMAT/GAMSAT). In addition you won't get a tuition fee loan, the amount you'll have to pay is up in the air. As it stands it's £9,000 up front for a 4 year and £36,000 for a 5 year course. An official announcement is due sometime soon (it's ~6 months overdue) so keep and eye on it.

    You'll also need a significant amount of voluntary experience (6 months or more).

    So in the mean time concentrate on your degree, get some experience to find out if you actually want to be a doctor and most of all good luck!

    Edit: what were your grades? If they're good it might be a better idea to reject your offer and re-apply for medicine.
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    Cheers for the info!

    At school:
    Biology (A), Art & Design (A), Chemistry (B) (<- the last one being the one I'm concerned with).

    This might have been a weird combo, but after discovering Biomed Eng during sixth form my plan was to finish 3 of my courses and then have 2 gap years with a mix of full time work and additional, this time self-taught, A-levels:

    1st year, full Math (A*) and AS Physics (A)
    2nd year, full Physics, (on track for A), F. Math ( On track for A - whether F. Maths will be an AS or full A level depends on work - it's not actually part of my offer :P)

    So I have a fairly erratic, yet shiny grade history.
    Because of this I would much rather demonstrate that I can achieve a degree to a 2.1 or better before applying for a 4 year grad course. But as you said, there's more to it then just grades. That's why I'm considering what I could beforehand to help later, such as finding experience over the summers during my degree etc. I can definitely see money being an issue though, and I can see that getting a lot worse .

    Either way, I'll be sticking with Biomed Eng; because it fascinates me, it's a great offer and because medicine is only going to get more technical, (see robotic surgery, reliance on MRI scans and Miguel Nicolelis' techno-kinetic monkey, a must see if you're planning on loosing a limb anytime soon :P).

    I think you've thought things through fairly well.

    As you're not 100% sure I'd say do the degree. Most here do a Bio degree just to get into medicine, so it's great you actually want to do it (that'll help your chances of a good final score too).

    All of that said you should finish your degree round about the next general election, so who knows about fees. Don't wait for the election result though because it they do drop the hike there'll be a rush of applicants (There's a huge drop expected in the GEP applicants this cycle).

    I'm not sure at all about this but you may still be able to re-take Chem and apply as an undergrad. It's just an option to weigh up (though some school require you to have ALL your A levels done within two years) but check with others on that.
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