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    Okay. would like some help with decision making please! TWO CHOICES:

    1. Psychology HL. I love the teacher for this subject and I love the content itself. In addition, the course in my school has a reputation for being an easy 7. But I've heard that its a 'soft' subject, and might negatively impact my admissions to top-tier unis.

    2. History HL. I like the subject a bit, but am indifferent on the teacher. Much harder than psychology, but studying for it would be more of a nuisance as it isn't as fun as psychology. HOWEVER, it is a fairly academic and common subject compared to Psych. I'd likely get a lower grade in History than if I were to take Psychology.

    I'm interested in PPE and International Relations courses etc. There are no explicit requirements to get into those courses, but I'm afraid that admission officers will view psychology worse than history.

    Thank you in advance! I'd like as much as input as possible!

    I did both at HL, and got 7's in both. I found psychology more interesting than history, so I found studying it interesting and engaging, whereas I pretty much had to nail myself to a desk to study history. I found that to get a 7 in History HL I had to put in around 3-4 times the amount of work as I did in Psychology. Both subjects have a paper you can get by in without studying much (P1 for hist and P3 for Psych). I found that for both subjects it is better to not study the whole syllabus but rather to cut it down to things you want to focus on. Also, questions in the exams for both are usually fairly predictable. I found that the Psych P1 and 2 are overall easier than Hist P2 and 3 because you have more time to write each essay (e.g. 1 hour for each essay in Psych P2 compared with 50 minutes for each essay in P3 and 45 minutes in P2). The HI is easier and more enjoyable than the Psych IA I would say. History is seen as a more traditional subject but honestly I would say do what you enjoy and what you can score better in. I would choose Psych over History any day.

    I'm currently taking History HL and I love it! I find it really interesting and fun, and it's not so difficult so far.

    I don't think my advice would be of much help, since I'm only in year one of IB and I haven't taken IB Psych. However, if you're looking into going into PPE or IR, I would definitely take history over psych as it's more relevant. Even if it's not an essential requirement, PPE at Oxford (for example) recommends History as useful background prep.

    history is awesome! take history

    I am currently studying both at HL and believe History to be the most challenging but also the most rewarding. If you came out with a 7 in psychology that would be the norm, whereas a 7 in HL History would show true dedication.

    If you're looking at courses such as International Relations, even with no precise need for History HL, universities are going to desire more essay based subjects - instead of social sciences.

    However I would say to go with what you enjoy more! Just make sure you don't regret it. Good luck!

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