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Is UK politics in general, ruined by stubbornness? watch

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    What I mean by this, is the constant need for one party to go against another, simply to keep face? If Labour agrees with the Conservatives for example, then everyone immdietely thinks, labours becoming too right wing.

    For example, in the HOC at times, how many times do we see decent ideas put down by another party, simply for the sake of it?

    I'm all for differing ideas, it's what forms a good country. Relying on one source has been proven to not be effective. However, at times, I can't help but feel that we will never reach a higher level of cooperation within our country, until parties are willing to cooperate, even when against each other, and become frenemies.

    I take the recent budget as an example of this. Labour supporters will go to the hilt to find any loophole that they can, to pick out at Osbourne, for what to me, seems a risky, but decent budget.

    Basically, will opposing MP's ever say to each other "that's a good idea" instead of being totally against each other because of political allegence.

    Serious discussion. I'm impartial by the way, neither Labour, Lib Dem, or Conservative.

    I agree with you but the "Opposition" always claims it has a constitutional role to hold the government to account so they probably feel obliged to criticise.

    When David Cameron became leader of the opposition in 2005 he brought a change of attitude for a bit when he was talking about an end to punch & judy politics, but that faded about the time of Northern Rock collapsing and the government having to bail them out, from that point on the Tories went back to sniping at everything the government did, and Labour have continued that in opposition.

    Whenever it comes to a war though you always find the opposition backs the government whatever because they don't want to be accused of being traitors. It's all about image there.

    Just look at the student fees. The Labour government started the Browne report for crying out loud! Now they are in opposition they attack the government for it!
    The only things Labour and Conservatives agree on is the armed forces (fight as many wars as possible while always cutting the defence budget),
    the Nuclear deterrent (Don't want to anger the Americans)
    preserving the Union (Tories out of ideology, Labour need Scottish votes)
    and stuff like slavery and trafficking (even we aren't that big of douchebags to oppose government legislation against those)

    Democratic politics is by nature adversarial. I think it's just the nature of the beast, since Opposition parties often oppose for the sake of it.
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    yup I agree. Labour (and the tories when they were in oppisition) Just look petty one some of the issues they argue about.

    The adversarial nature of British politics is nothing new. It's how the game's played. I think no real change in attitudes will appear until the electoral system is reformed.

    Labour is the party in Opposition. If it's not questioning the government's policies, it's not doing its job in holding the government accountable to the people. Now regarding the Budget, all of the main parties are agreed that economic stability is the country's greatest priority and that the deficit must be reduced. If Labour were to nod and agree with everything in Osborne's budget, they'd be failing to question whether the government's plans were in the public's interest. Labour's official line is the government's austerity drive is cutting public services too fast and too far, thus endangering economic growth. They're not disagreeing because of political allegiance, although if you rephrased that you'd probably get a better culprit: political ideology.
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