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Is my girlfriend depressed or worse? watch

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    I will try to make this brief,

    to set the scene: I have been with my girlfriend for a couple years, we share a flat which we've had since january.,and probably half of the time we have a brilliant time.

    the other half of the time is pretty terrible. She has some mood swings that I kind of guess that stem from low self esteem - during them she will totally clam up, I often make things worse by trying to communicate with her and it usually ends tears.

    She dropped out of uni before I knew her and I think went through a pretty traumatic time resulting from that. Since then she has had a few jobs in shops and not really enjoyed them either - I believe in her own view she is a failure, but if I try to put across my opinion different to hers (even in her support) it results in tears, and she might spend a few days unable to talk or leave the flat. It feels like she has given up on herself, and any effort or support from me only seem to make things worse,

    In this case up till now I think i have been unable to see the forest for the trees. The times she's depressed are so bad but within a couple of days we will be laughing, until the next time she's depressed and so on..

    Does this sound like sort of classic depression, bipolar, or worse?

    Should I encourage her to see a GP again (already tried, with terrible results)

    I will be happy to answer any relevant questions to try to get this sorted out, thanks for reading.
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    It sounds more like she has an anxiety disorder. The low self-esteem, unable to leave the house for a few days, feeling like a failure. If she was depressed it would be all the time, and that is clearly not the case. It could be that she has a more 'serious' personality disorder, but anxiety might be her problem. I suffer from anxiety myself, and during an anxious period, talking to my boyfriend and getting out of the house are simply unbearable. Try and talk to her about exactly how she feels when she's feeling low (not during it) and see if she also has some physical symptoms. Does she feel like the world is going to end? Sweaty, fast-paced breath? Then it could well be anxiety and you are best of suggesting therapy.
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