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    A major issue has reared its ugly head and I have no idea how I'm going to cope other than pushing away all of my friends.

    I'm a girl and bisexual (lol not for the attentions) and my group of best friends consist mainly of boys but two girls as well (other than myself). One of the girls has a bf within the group and they're fairly stable. The other girl has been single for a while - let's call her B.

    Anyway, I started to like her a few months ago and since we've become better friends - she's well pretty
    One of my best friends, let's call him H, who I'm really close to. He knows I'm bi and two months or so ago I told him I like B. He sort of jokes about it (way too much) but I don't care about that. Being the paranoid person I am, he won't tell me who he likes, so I'm worried it's B. I asked him is it B and he said he doesnt like her in that way so I said "good because I'm paranoid" then he said "why" and I said "she's pretty so she probably gets a lot of male attention"

    Recently there have been a few jokes made about B and H. One of my friends told me how close they were and how she thought something was going on. yeah so now I'm mega paranoid, although its likely she was bull****ing to wind me up because she knows I like B.

    B doesnt know I'm bi and I'm 99% sure she is completely straight its depressing but if B and H like eachother and they start going out then I will just go crazy. I dont react well to things like this. I suppose I'll be annoyed if H lies to me about liking B.

    Would I have any right to be angry at H? Going out with the girl I like.

    I wouldnt be able to cope at all I wouldnt be able to talk to H for a while. I dont know what to do if this does happen. If I go mad at B, H will get suspicious and figure out that I like her.

    But I just dont want them to go out, it would kill me. Would B be betraying me?
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    If H is one of your best friends, he shouldn't betray you. How seriously does he take your friendship, do you honestly think he is the kind of person who'd do that? (be honest with yourself, only you know)

    So you're trying to call dibs on a girl that's 99% probably not interested in your gender let alone you?

    I know it's hard for you to see someone you like be with someone else but at the end of the day, if she's straight she will never be interested in you.

    Friends should consider your feelings but if H really likes B and B likes him back, you'll have to step aside and let it happen. In the long run you'll get over her and find someone else, and they might have a great relationship. It's up to them to see what happens and it's not fair to stand in the way.

    My boyfriend and I have a mutual friend who kind of liked him. He made it obvious he was not into her and that she was just a good friend and at first we did not get together because we did not want to upset her but it got to the point where we liked each other so much we eventually decided to go for it. We both spoke to her first and she was a little weird about it, but now she has a long term boyfriend and we're still best friends with her.

    I understand what you're saying but try not to push away your friend, it will only make you feel worse.
    I've been in a similar situation, pm me if you want

    I thought B was the girl and H was the guy, seems to have switched half way though... could make a joke about that :P
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