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    I am doing this on Saturday and haven't really learnt it. Yeah, I am screwed. But does anyone have any advice on doing it?

    For anyone who doesn't know what it entails:

    - there is one section which is a picture and you have to describe the picture of your choice.

    - there is one section where you have to answer questions on two topic areas.

    But just some good vocab to use, or sentences to use would be really useful.

    "iGCSE"?! What are these shenanigans?! Back in my day.... :L

    Well if it's any help, I did AQA French GCSE last year - the tips my teacher gave me were:

    - Not to say ERRRMMMMM all the time, but use french-sounding murmurs xD
    - Don't pull faces when you're trying to think of something (or was that just me? )
    - Speak slowly - makes you sound clearer and also lasts longer
    - Practice some french colloquilisms (probably spelt wrong - too tired to google xD) [Providing your role play is with a French friend]
    - Try not to get common words wrong, e.g. "et" = "ay" rather than "ET" (Hard to explain xD)
    - Try memorise an awesome conditional/imperfect tense sentence or something, but don't obsess over it because you might learn something wrong - (I threw in "nous irons" at some point, which sounded fancy)
    - Don't be afraid to say pardon, or learn "repeat that please" - In my Russian oral, I didn't know how to say "repeat" so signalled with my hands... and my Russian teacher promptly moved onto the next question instead of repeating *facepalm*

    Good luck

    I'm preparing for my AS, and here are some tips I have found:

    1) Talk slowly: it's good for condfidence, clarity and accuracy. I've just looked at your mark scheme (because that's how nice I am...) and speed is not in any way rewarded.

    2) If you can't answer a question, just say why you shouldn't have to! On ne peut pas le repondre a cause du fait qu'il existe beaucoup d'avantages et d'inconvenients valables.... C'est une question tres personel et je serais inconfortable de repondre.... Ce n'est une question importante, je dirais que ce qui est plus important, c'est...

    Phrases I LOVE:

    en ce qui concern... with regards to...
    de l'autre cote... on the other hand...
    je dirais... I would say

    il faut que + subjunctive
    bien que + although

    ...And I just realised I typed all that for nothing because your exam was today. Oops. Never mind...
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    Thanks everyone for the help
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