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Would you deny a job to somebody with tattoos? watch


    Yes because they are usually bad people.

    It depends on where the tattoo is obviously.

    No. There is no logical basis to gauge somebody's competency on how many tattoos they have.

    (Original post by rajandkwameali)
    Since many people have tattoos now, then does it make sense to deny people jobs on that basis?

    More to the point here, do people who make arguments that undesirable traits make one unemployable just protecting their own beliefs, or think that society is ultra-conservative? OK, everybody has their own views in life, but I don't think many people hate tattoos or piercings, at the least they're more accepted than they used to be.

    What if a firm's clientele didn't find tattoos or piercings offensive? Why then should it matter? I don't have tattoos or piercings, but surely it depends on the views/attitudes of the top management of a company, and the opinions of customers. I don't see how it matters in an absolute sense.
    Which employer is going to request female applicants to strip naked and see if there's a tattor of an arrow pointing to her vag with the text "insert here"??

    It depends entirely on the job in question.

    If I owned my own piercing studio, then of course I'd employ people with visual body modifications.

    However, if I was opening my own law firm, I can't say I'd be that keen to employ obviously modified people.

    Depends on what the job was.
    If I were hiring a tattoo artist, then no I wouldn't refuse them the job.

    If I were hiring someone who has to present a particular image across in their job (e.g. a doctor) then I might refuse them the job depending on, not only tattoo's, but generally the way they come across. Who is more likely to make you feel safe when they're about to peform open heart surgery on you:

    I'd have thought the odd small decoration would be neither here nor there. All other things being equal, though, I'd try to avoid employing someone with extensive tattooing or other body mods, simply because it implies that they were less happy in (literally) their own skin - I'd want employees who felt relaxed about themselves. Also, I can't help feeling that choosing to make largely irreversible changes to your own body for reasons other than health or improving disfigurement is a kind of self-harm-lite.
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