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I might have got murdered today! watch

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    In South East London, I was cycling past a group of black men and they tried to scare me by suddenly shrieking and making wild arm movements and then laughing. Thinking it was racially aggravated since they didn't do it to the white cyclist in front, I shouted back 'you black piece of sh*t!' I thought that was the end of it so I was slowing down to the red light at the junction. But when I looked back (luckily I did), I saw one of them was sprinting towards me! I wanted cycle straight on but the passing traffic prevented me so I took a sharp left from my intended route. Unluckily, I had to slow down for such a sharp corner but the chaser has a much shorter corner to cover since he's on the pavement. By this time, he was only a few yards behind me and it got worse; this new route I took was slightly going uphill! I cycled as hard as I could on my soft tyres and when I turned back, thankfully he gave up chasing.
    Lesson I've learnt are: Make sure there's a green light before shouting racist stuff. Make sure your tyres are always pumped up. Finally, never slow down!

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    Thats not close to getting murdered, try getting bottled over your head or a prick holding a knife to your throat.

    Right... I don't get it?

    Thinking it was racially aggravated since they didn't do it to the white cyclist in front
    So you thought it was racist when you are the same ethnicity of these guys? Why would they mock themselves???

    Still don't get it...

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