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Virginity watch

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    This thread is actually so relieving - i'm still at school (year 11), but it seems like all my friends are having sex/doing stuff and sometimes i feel like i should too, even though i know that i'm not really bothered about that kind of stuff yet, especially as i haven't met anyone that i actually really like. It's nice to not feel like the odd one out for once.

    jw though, is it better/worse if you lose your virginity with someone who isn't a virgin? why?
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    A lot of my friends were still virgins at unis...some after uni too including myself. I wanted to wait til it was someone I really loved and I have....a lot of my friends did and its so much better and usually less painful that way as they know and will take things slower.

    I don't know why people think others will look down on them...most people don't give a c*** over whether their friend is a virgin or not. and if you're that worried just don't tell people, you don't have a massive sign on your head saying "virgin". the only person that has to know is you and pref your boyfriend so he knows to take things slowly.

    However, if u want to lose it in a one night stand its your body and your choice. But my personal thoughts were that contraceptives are not 100% effective and what would i feel if i got pregnant?

    Nobody cares, honestly. I was a virgin when I got to uni, and I waited to lose it to a guy I cared a LOT about (boyfriend at the time) and I'm so glad. He made me feel safe and wanted and loved, and I was the one to dictate what we did/didn't do/when/etc. Actually, he was really happy/honoured that I chose him to be my first.
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    What do you do though when you have been with someone for 10 months and you think you are ready, but because the other guy had a one night stand and didnt enjoy it, he doesnt want to have sex at all?

    I'm gay, someone give me advice!

    Why would it be looked down upon?
    Just wait for someone special who you know you can trust...

    I'm in the exact same position, i'm going to uni in september and still a virgin. But what makes it worse is that iv'e never really had a relationship and nearly all of my friends have boyfriends and are no longer virgins. But in a way I would rather wait for someone special that just sleep with anyone

    If you are losing your virginity,it should be with someone who is special for you,not anyone. The first time need to be remembered

    (Original post by wardle1337)
    You really should wait to do it with someone you like. I recently had a conversation with my flat mates on this subject and ALL of them wished they'd waited until they felt were in a stable relationship.

    25% of people who go to university are still virgins, so you shouldn't feel pressured to lose it to some randomer before hand

    Plus, you aren't really gaining anything by having a one night stand with a complete stranger. Your first time isn't particularly enjoyable (especially if you're a woman) nor will it give you any worth while experience when it comes to having sex the next time around.

    My advice would be to wait until you arrive at university, then you have two options. A) Have plenty of casual sex during freshers week (alot of people do this). or B) wait until you meet a man that cares about you

    I know which option I'd pick too

    If u need a chat, PM me


    Pretty much what this guy said!
    Out of all my friends I'd say a quarter of them do regret losing their virginity tothe person they did.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Okay so I'm in my last year of college and will be going to uni in September. I've never slept with anyone, I guess because I've never really met anyone who lasted long enough for me to feel comforable to have sex with them, my longest relationship being 3 months (I get bored easily:rolleyes:)

    At University, is virginity sort of looked down on and do guys prefer girls with more experience or does it not matter if a girl is a virgin? I'd really like some guys opinions here but girls comment too!
    I'm going away with my friends in summer and it would be easy to have a one night stand, should I just get it out of the way or wait until I meet someone properly?

    Thanks guys

    Don't have a one night stand, you'll regret it. The first time is supposed to be really special!

    Wait til you're in a long term relationship, and you're both in love, heck wait til you're married!

    It doesn't matter. The majority of people (and hopefully the people you make friends with) are mature enough to appreciate that everyone is different. In my experience, people are pretty open about sex but not judgemental.

    With regards to your other point, don't just "get it over with" on a one night stand. I kind of did this, I lost my virginity a short time in to a relationship, and I regretted it afterwards. Plus, you're likely to need the guy to be gentle for your first time and maybe stop. In my opinion, a guy on a one night stand is unlikely to be that understanding.
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    I'm in the same boat, I'm 18 and going to uni in September, still a virgin. I've never been in a proper relationship either. But to be honest I'd rather find someone I really like then just have sex with some random guy. But thankyou for this thread, it's made feel a lot better about it!
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