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Asking out hairdresser... or not? watch

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    Hm. As the title may suggest, I find my hairdresser quite attractive. The problem here is that I can't just straight up ask her out, for a few reasons:

    1) Trying to interpret the normal 'signs' is difficult. I mean, she's a hairdresser and her job is to keep clients interested (though my previous two hairdressers were as boring as they come). Therefore even though she is chatty, and friendly, and ask what I'm up to at the moment it's hardly something that can be declared as evidence of being interested in. Incidentally, I feel she may think I am a jerk, and only talks because she has to. I don't recall anything I've said to come cross as a jerk, though.

    2) I'm 19, and she's 25. Yes, they're just numbers. But even though I dress incredibly well, and certainly act like a 20+ year-old I feel there's some kind of barrier to two people with an age gap like this getting together. As soon as I reach 20 I feel this attitude will go, that people will not see me as a 'kid' and more of a true adult.

    3) She has a job and is talented, and I do not. Granted this what not my doing as I had to go into hospital last year to have major surgery twice, and I still have five months to go with recovery, so this has been unavoidable. However, I am now thinking of not going to university and getting a job and then earning money and then going to university (as I have a decent amount of money now, and do not want it all to be consumed on Day One of university). I feel that with a careers at different points it would cause too much friction and a lack of interest.

    4) I do not think I would fit into her 'scene', what with the age gap and all.

    5) Finally, my Mum drives me down there - for the aforementioned reasons - so I would be kind of embarrassed to say anything while she is around and would think she would be forced into saying something and ruining anything that could have happened. I DO NOT want to appear as a 'Mummies boy'. Really, that is the last thing I want to come across as.

    So my question is how can I manage this, and is there anything I can do / should I ask her out / should I forget about everything?

    Aren't there other girls around your age you find attractive? But if you really like her then ask her out? What's the worst that can happen? you change your hairdresser again

    Firstly, have you checked that she's even single? Otherwise, you're screwed ab initio.

    Secondly, I only find it remotely likely that you will have a result. The overwhelming likelihood is that it will end in tears, and you'll have to find a new hairdresser.

    At any time during a visit - except when you are sitting down having your haircut, does she ever touch you? If so, go for it. If not, I recommend not.
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