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    TLDR: qmul, notts or kings?

    Indepth: I once received a great piece of advice from a reputed lawyer, and that was whenever we are stuck choosing between universities of similar ranking, reputation and supposed competency of their respective law faculties - choose the one that gives you the highest chance of getting a first.

    Shockingly, I find this factor neglected when it comes to choosing between universities. Understandably, evidence is almost purely anecdotal when it comes to compiling such statistics.

    As an example, I shall present my situation: I am an international student from Singapore and have received unconditional offers for studying Law (M100) at Nottingham and Queen Mary. KCL has yet to reply me. My applications to UCL and LSE were unsuccessful (curses! they would have made the choice so much easier). Singapore is my homeland, and where my friends and family are, and so I have decided to practice here.

    Despite straight As, I couldn't get into the local universities (a GP grade of C, min. req B), I sought out to dig for information, and here's what I've come up with. (Disclaimer: My opinions are not facts, I understand that. Please correct/advise me where I come across too strongly.)

    Employers employ in categories
    In Singapore, the big law firms prefer local graduates to overseas graduates, despite our system being similar to that of the UK. This is for many reasons. Our NUS/SMU (the local universities which offer law) are trusted for their rigorous syllabus. Overseas? Not so much. Extrapolating, I seem to get a certain vibe that firms in a particular region tend to gravitate towards local graduates. Opinion: The mental model that your prospective firm subconsciously fits you into falls under these categories, that also, in descending order, determine their willingness to call you up for the interview and subsequently hire you:

    Taking local universities out of the equation...
    Cat 1: World renowned universities (Harvard, Oxbridge, LSE)
    Cat 2: A first at what you always and only call "In the top 5/10 universities"
    Cat 3: Yup. everything else.

    Question: Is this true? Does a first at Queen Mary really pale in comparison to a 2:1 at LSE?

    Subject tables
    QMUL's law faculty is ranked first in london in Guardian's 2011 League Table. Nottingham is ranked 10th.

    Question: Will this put graduates at an advantage/disadvantage when finding employment? I am getting so many mixed reactions. Notts is reputable, and their graduates are highly sought after, but they still aren't good enough. QMUL's law faculty may be fantastic, but most of their graduates end up doing non-law work.

    This is the impression I get from local firms. How is it like over in the UK? Is it as crippling as it is here?

    The Million Dollar Question
    So, Notts, Kings or QMUL?

    Notts has a beautiful campus, but I'm more concerned about graduate prospects in high flying (Magic Circle) firms after.

    QMUL is third in the league table.

    Kings... has always been known to be consistent.

    Which is the easiest first?

    I am torn apart.


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