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feeling really depressed and underachieving... watch

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    Hi TSR,

    Recently I've been feeling really depressed and I'm not entirely sure why. i go to a good uni, have good friends, and don't come from a broken family or anything, but i kind of feel as though i'm underachieving in life and that i don't deserve to go the uni i go to.

    I think its a mixture of things. I'm doing diploma level for piano and cello, but I havn't had the chance to practice much at uni, but i can't seem to get the drive to practice at home now that im on holiday. i havn't studied at all, so now im panicking about my exams i have next term, and it just seems to be this downward spiral of lack of motivation. on top of this on a separate note, my friends have all suddenly got boyfriends and ask me all the time whats going on im my 'love life' which is currently nonexistant. and when i look in the mirror i just see this tired dull looking person staring back.

    i guess i feel left out and also a failure. and ugly. and generally depressed.

    is this a phase? will it go away?

    Thank you

    You just need to be more positive Maybe try and attack the issues one by one? So firstly study for your exams and get them out of the way, that's one less worry. Which leaves you more music practice time.
    Also you're on holiday you say? Which is a good time to relax and clear your mind. The boyfriend thing is totally normal especially if you're the only single one, but you'll get used to it in time so that it will no longer bother you, or meet someone for yourself!

    You're not a failure and I'm sure you're not ugly, just get a bit of motivation and once things start going right you should feel better!

    Do you mean you think you're clinically depressed, or that you're just feeling a bit down at the minute?

    If you think you're clinically depressed (i.e you've felt deeply unhappy for a prolonged length of time) the best thing you can do is see your doctor, who can give you antidepressants or refer you to therapy or both.

    If you're just temporarily not feeling so good (which is what your post sounds like), then the best thing to do is take action. You're unhappy about how little work you're doing, so create a timetable for yourself and stick to it. If you start working harder you should start feeling better about yourself. The same goes for your music - the more you do the better. If you've got any time left over you could consider taking up a sport, which is supposed to be very good for releasing endorphins which make you feel happier.

    It sounds like you've stopped believing in yourself and your abilities, so prove yourself wrong and do things better.
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