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Excuse me Sir/Madam, which would you choose? watch

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    Should I...

    A). Go to Durham/Cardiff/Southampton uni to study psychology

    B).Go to this law firm that have offered to pay for me to do a law degree at Huddersfield uni with a guaranteed solicitors job after four years.

    This is baring in mind that...
    -I don't have a lot of money
    -I originally wanted a job in education/health
    -Huddersfield isn't the best uni in comparison to my offers

    What seems the best choice in life and what would you do if you were in my position

    Durham for psych if that's the path you want to follow. Money is usually attracted, not pursued. Do what you want to do.

    I'd choose the law degree.

    Fair enough Huddersfield isn't the best university, but if you've been guaranteed a job after you graduate then you're in a much better position than if you paid your way through a Psychology degree. It's a very competitive course, which translates to a lot more people going for the same jobs ie. assistant psychologist, NHS worker etc. and the opportunities you'll be afforded are quite few if you only plan on doing a BSc.

    By taking this law firm up on their offer, you don't have to worry about the debt you would accumulate from tuition/maintenance loans and you can avoid the stress of trying to find someone to hire you when you finish.

    You can always be a solicitor for a few years whilst looking for jobs in education/health. You could probably specialise in some type of law that is related to health in particular also. Alternatively, raise enough money to do Psychology at a later date if you really want to.

    It depends. Do you actually want to be a solicitor? If you do, then that's the obvious course of action. If you think it's not a good uni, then it won't matter so much if you guaranteed a job at the end of your course.
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    Ask yourself if you want to be a solicitor....

    Does it have to be Huddersfield? I'm not going all elitist TSR-ian on you, I'm just curious. That's a pretty sweet deal but only if you want to be a solicitor. If you've got a guaranteed job, it doesn't really matter whether you think it's a good uni or not. My friend went to SOAS and did Law, she's spent 5 years trying to get a training contract. If you don't want to be a solicitor, do Psych. It's pretty cool that the firm want to pay for your degree and give you a job- how did that offer come about?

    If you want to do Psychology, out of those three Id definitely pick Cardiff!

    However I think its important you follow the path you want to take. The law job sounds exciting and the prospect of a garunteed job may seduce you but if is not what you really want to do then is it worth it?
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