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looking ugly now, when u were pretty good looking before=/ watch

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    well, im just near the end of my first year of college, and ive realized how my looks have just changed after not worrying about how i look anymore, and ive got darker skin now and ackne all over. At the start of college i had lighter skin and no ackne at all, and not being big-headed but i actually was quite good looking, and i saw some girls 'checking me out'..but then i had a 'bad hair day' at the barbers who totally messed pu my hair with no fringe and i realized that people were starring at me in a weird way, and just lost that sense of attention which i had before, it wasnt a big deal, but then when it came towards the january exams, i was too stressed and wasnt myself and didnt really think look after my skin and ive turned quite unattractive.. then one guy compared me to oen ugly guy how we looked alike, and from now ive tryed gettingmy looks back in shape but havnt worked?.. anyone here feeling the same? and how could i possibly get my confidence back and look like i used to be at the start of college with no spots or nothing?

    I'm sure getting out in the Summer sunshine will do wonders for you sir.

    I always get ugly during exams. But its so nice when your exams are over, and you can start working out again, look after your skin, fake tan, wax all my body hair and I always book a hairdressers appointment after my exams and make a dramatic change. It feels so good. I recommend going on a detox for a few days after your exams. It will clear up your skin, lose a bit of weight, and get rid of all the bad toxins in your body.

    Exam/school/college/uni stress mate.
    I was no the best looking guy in hugh school I'll admit (I can admit it now lol) bt after an enforced gap year (where I was under some stress, re-sitting my Alevels) I dont know why, i became better looking. My skin improved, I did something with my eyebrows (don't ask, just trust me) and I started uni a diferent guy. I have girlschecking me out...guys even :|

    i have a friend who went uni during my gap year...I saw him for the first time in a year when I started uni...he was a pretty good lookig guy tbh...not as kuch when I saw him after his first year.
    Relax, just get things back on track...concentrateon exams and you can sort things out in the summer...and don't overly, needlessly stress. We all have out bad days or even bad weeks

    PS excuse the typos/wierd English, that's what happens when you type an essayon an iPod lol
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