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Need some serious advice. watch

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    I'm going to try and simplify a complicated situation so bare with me a bit.

    My Mum is very ill, mentally and physically. I live with my Dad (my parents separated over 10 years ago). Basically, my Mum has got extremely ill over the past few years and she lives on her own, she is incapable of looking after herself. Now, here's the problem. Her family are in complete denial about her illness and are shoving their heads into the sand about the whole issue. My Dad has tried again and again to try and make her family see sense and that they need to take her in and look after her for months until she is capable of looking after herself again. But they simply won't listen. Now, naturally it is not up to my Dad to take responsibility for my Mum, they have been divorced for a long time - the responsibility should lie with her family, who are doing nothing. This puts us in a situation. What the hell should I do? My Mums family are simply not going to help, they're useless. This means that Me and my Dad are going to have to be the ones to deal with this. There are a whole load of other issues here, she is in debt so need to sell her house, she is mentally ill - if she is left on her own she will simply not eat and just drink alcohol all day. Have you got any suggestions as to what I do here? The family won't respond so it's up to me and my Dad, but I'm unsure about what course of action to take. Is there any kind of help we can get to deal with this? I'll try and summarise below:

    -Her house needs to be sold, but she will put up resistance to this because she is mentally unwell and thinks everyone is against her.
    -She needs to go somewhere for months in order to get well, she cannot live with me and my Dad and even if she could she would downright refuse to do so.

    If these two things don't happen then her house will simply be repossessed and she will be left with nothing and she will just end up back in hospital and most likely die.

    Sorry to drag on a bit but it is a bit of a messed up situation. Any suggestions anyone?

    That's a pretty tough situation, and to be honest I doubt many of us will be able to advise you. You could try your GP for advice on the medical side of things, and the Citizens' Advice Bureau for the more practical stuff. Hopefully they'll be able to tell you how to get help.

    I hope things work out for you and your mum.

    I don't know what to say, but I really feel for you. It's an awful situation to be in.

    I suppose your first priority is to ensure your mum is safe and getting treatment. The other stuff isn't going to go away, but will have to take a back seat for the moment.

    If she has been diagnosed with a mental health problem, you could try getting in touch with the crisis team in her area. Ask them for an assessment in her home. It would be good if you and your dad could be there for that, but they will only allow you to stay if she gives her permission.

    I think CAB could also be a useful source of help, or an organisation like Rethink which has services for carers of people with mental health problems.
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