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What did the cuts march achieve? watch

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    Nothing politically. It was like 1/2 million people. That's not exactly speaking the voice of the entire country. It's barely a city's worth of people.

    Monetary wise - Fortnum & Mason, Topshop and the Ritz are going to sue a few people, or at the very least, demand a lot more arrests if they can identify people from CCTV. Seriously, £15k worth of damage in F&M (then again, they could try and flog off one of their £25k hampers to pay for it)!

    wont change anything. short sighted selfishness and greed all round has got us in this situation.

    the scum bag violent thugs causing criminal damage/vandalism should have been batton charged by the police. The Police need more liberal rules of engagement for public disorder and violence. People dont like being kettled, simple dont stay in a riot then. you hang around to watch when the violence starts then tough, you can wait until the police decide you should go home.

    I bet half the violent thugs would think twice if just after smashing a shop window they got CS spray in the face or a batton to the legs.

    Ed Mili lacked passion and conviction in his speech. Sadly, he was playing up to the anti-ConDem sentiment - pure opportunitism; when he intends to make cuts too albeit 1/2 of those proposed.

    I think that for all of the people that were caught vandalising peoples property, we should go to their house and smash all of their windows etc.

    These idiots are protesting against something that MUST be done and by doing so they are causing more problems. They should all just shut up and deal with it.
    The government will return back to normal in a few years.

    Can I just say to any people who have never been to a protest, hitting people with batons and gassing them just makes them pissed...seriously. I saw a man get hit over the head with a baton, did he just run away, **** no! You're immediate reaction is to hit back!

    I'm really surprised by the seemingly right views on here! and the quite pro-cut views, I honestly expected it to be the other way round on here :')
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