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    Lol, you've seen what my opinion is, and I'm clearly biased since I've firmed already, but:

    1) I would say this is an obvious one. I think it's hard to beat actually doing the dissections/watching the prosections for experience, but at the end of the day, it isn't going to be a huge difference. I think Manchester wins here, but it isn't a massive gain. If you want to be a surgeon, that isn't going to stop you.

    2) It's hard to beat Intercalation at Manchester. I think they offer the biggest number of intercalated degrees in the country, and you can go to other Universities if they offer one you don't. Peninsula only allow you to intercalate at the sites in Exeter or Plymouth. You cannot go to another University in any situation, top 15% or not. Manchester wins here.

    3) This is an unavoidable one. Manchester does have a lower student satisfaction. This has often been pointed at as being due to the very PBL intensive course. Even at other PBL universities, it isn't done as intensively as it is at Manchester. The changes they're making should bring it more in line with how Peninsula do PBL, but that's a bit of a gamble. On the flip side, Peninsula has a very high student satisfaction, which is pretty much a certainty and isn't going to change any time soon. Peninsula wins here.

    4) I think you've kind of missed the joke a bit here. Mancunians generally don't like any part of Manchester[I guess Lancashire isn't really Manchester, but it's close enough] that they aren't from. I'm located in Stockport. It's a bit of a ****hole, but I'll defend it to my dying breath. Preston is actually not that bad. The part of Preston that the hospital is located in is actually nice. This really shouldn't be a pro or a con, but just a fact.

    5) A big +ve for me with Manchester is how early Patient contact is now going to be. Even though the majority is going to start from Year 2 onward, getting to grips with basic clinical practice in Year 1 is an exciting prospect, vs having to wait until Year 3 to begin in proper at Peninsula.

    6) Another biased point; Manchester has the better student life. It's a booming city that has a social side that is hard to beat. If this is a factor for you in any way, this is a pro for Manchester.

    At the end of the day, nobody can really make the decision for you with a neat little list. You have to decide what you want from your Medical school. I'd wait until the open day, and make the decision with a bit more knowledge.


    I can't help with a lot of the questions but i live about 6 miles from preston so..... the hospital is actually massive. It had a big build a couple years ago (can't for the life of me remember what wards they built though). As a city, the access is pretty good, the city centre is great for shopping compared to most. However some of Preston is a muslim/ polish village and it's pretty rough there. There are also some links to smaller services like sharoe green maternity unit.

    Preston is actually very nice, one of the nicer cities in the North West and far from a dump. If you were to be placed somewhere like Burnley or Blackpool I could see your point, but not with Preston.

    also, Sankeys ranks number 1 in DJMags best clubs

    (Original post by ryan118244)
    You've made some good points.

    Actually peninsula let you intercalate any where you want, most go to London which I quite like the idea of and I found out that apparently 40% of PMS are grads so intercalation may be easier to do as it seems.
    The info I read must have been out of date then. It was from 2008, so that's not suprising.

    And I'm not sure about the SSCs. They do do it, per this thread http://www.newmediamedicine.com/foru...s-re-sscs.html, but I haven't seen them advertise it that much.

    I think they focus more on advertising the option of wide intercalation than SSCs, which most universities seem to do.
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