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Do you have a godparent? watch

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    Yes - I have one
    Yes - I have two
    Yes - I have three
    Yes - I have four


    I have two, my mums brother and sister, I see them both all the time, I'm very close to them both. I went on holiday with my Aunt in November and I'm going on holiday with my Uncle next month

    Nope, I'm a devil child. My sister has 3 however.

    no, because i chose not to have any when i got baptised and confirmed (i was 13 i think)
    if anything were to happen to my mum or step dad, id probs die aswell. no, urm i wouldn't go to my dad, so id get my own flat as im 19, and just see all my mums side of the family, especially my cousins <3
    and while i was finding somewhere to live, id probs kip on a cousins sofa...

    I did have 2, they lived a long way away and I never saw them, 2 years ago one of them died of Cancer, I went to her funeral and that was the first time I ever "Met" her... so I now only have one... and I STILL dont see him...

    (Original post by -kit-kat-)
    Just wondering really
    Do you have a godparent, and if you do do you know them well? do you see them a lot? what relation are they to you? (ie friend of your mum/dad?)

    poll to follow...
    Yeah, I do have godparents ever since my parents were killed by this horrible guy. So, at a very young age, I was sent to live my awful godparents (i.e., my aunt and uncle). They're a terrible bunch who did nothing to help enhance my childhood. For nearly eleven years, I lived under their staircase in a cupboard because they didn't have the decency to clear out the guest bedroom for me.

    They also have a son. He's fatter than a walrus, mainly because they spoiled him with treats. For years, both he and his friends would bully me, calling me weird names due to this scar I have on my forehead. He was given everything, and when he didn't get something he desired, he through a fit! I hated him.

    Anyway, long story short, some giant (who I initially thought was a pedo) broke into my house on my eleventh birthday to tell me I have magical powers. Initially, I thought he was kidding due to the aroma of LSD lingering off his body. But no. He was right.

    So yeah, it all worked out. I'm now at boarding school, learning all this cool magical stuff. I have two great friends, and don't get to see my godparents anymore. In short, my life is okay.
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