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Am I wrong for DESPISING these changes? watch

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    I go to a comprehensive school in South Wales, 11 - 18. As a school we are generally under performing, our January modules were the lowest out of all schools in the local borough.

    GCSE results are low, and KS3 are also doing badly, and becoming more unruly.

    My year group (entry 2005) were the first to participate in what's known as the 'vertical registration system'.

    We do not have registration classes (form classes) which are made up of solely one year group, eg. an entire registration of year 7s.

    There is a handful of year 7s, 8s, 9s... etc in each reg class. Sixth form are excluded from this.

    There are benefits to this system, I've made very good friends in different year groups, and it's been very helpful to my education, however, I'm generally quite positive in my attitude to school.

    However, it is cringey when the school tries to FORCE the year groups to merge together. They try to make the year 11s help the year 7s, and it just doesn't work like that. Sometimes it does - I was very friendly with the year 9 lads when I was in year 11, however I had nothing to do with the year 7s at this time.

    There are also times where there are hour long registration sessions, where basically, the reg is meant to work as a community - where really it is just a time for them to throw absolutely pathetic 'target setting' worksheets at us, which were completely unbeneficial.

    As said, sixth form are separate from this. We have the heads of department as registration teachers to help with sixth form matters. We are treated like young adults. We don't have 'thought of the day' or silly assemblies about year 7s going off the school grounds at lunch time, we have serious talks, one on one talks about our futures etc.

    In this vertical system, the way it works out is, the entire class (11 - 16) get treated as 11 year olds.


    Perhaps that's a biased account, but that is how it is. I achieved well in school, kept positive, but that is my account of how things are.


    Come September, they want sixth form to re-join the vertical system. Want us there to help younger years (the majority of who are unwanting and bratty) to read and do maths etc.

    I can't imagine sixth form being there would change much, it isn't going to make everyone positive all of a sudden.

    I understand, sixth form results were awfully low, they need to do something about it, but I can't imagine mixing us in with year 7s etc., and putting us in with more unskilled teachers could help much?

    I don't need to be told that year 9 have choir at lunchtime. I need to be able to grab my teacher and say 'Do us a favour? Can we talk about my UCAS?'

    They also want us to join in on the younger year's assemblies - hymn singing, tellings off about litter as well as the most pathetic display of presentations by the younger years going. They stand at the front of the hall, quietly whispering some unhelpful 'at Easter we have eggs to celebrate the re-birth' stuff.

    I've been through this system! I don't need to be re-introduced to it, I don't see it helping me, or even the people underachieving what so ever!


    Our sixth form doesn't want to be a part of this system. I am unsure as to if we are being unreasonable or not, however a petition has been formed and we are trying to undergo negotiations.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has anything similar? Or how people would feel about a situation like this?

    I'm sorry for this being pretty long. I hope I have explained things sufficiently.

    Any ideas that anyone has, or any points anyone would like to make would be valuable.

    I don't think you're being unreasonable. 6th formers are adults, with a completely different set of needs to year 7s, so I can't see what kind of benefit either party would take from the arrangement. UCAS took up a lot of time for my tutor, but because all of her students were in the same position, a lot of stuff could be directed at everybody. This would not have been as easy if she also had a load of other kids with completely different circumstances to deal with.

    They tried to make our 6th form integrate with the rest of the school through shared assemblies and the like. We just didn't go. I'm not sure how strict your school is, but for us, 6th form registration was little more than popping your head through the door to prove that you've come in that day.
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