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    Maybe another AIDs-like shock campaign is in order :/.

    (Original post by Do Chickens Fly)
    Maybe another AIDs-like shock campaign is in order :/.
    There is actually a sti campaign planned for the new year in march I believe, it was on the panorama on stis a while back

    (Original post by randdom)
    The fact is that the number of sti infections are rising. The reason behind this issue is more debatable. I am inclined to feel that the problem is made worse by drinking rather that having more partners because you can have many sexual partners and still be safe by using condoms and getting tested regually. However if a girl is on the pill and drunk she may "not bother" to use a condom. I don't know what really can be done to be honest, sex education could be improved but if people are too drunk to remember then what to do then that is an issue. Personally I don't drink because I got really sick when I have drunk in the past but also because I don't like the idea of not being in control. I think that alcohol has caused a lot of problems.
    That's a valid opinion but I don't think alcohol has that much to do with it. It's just a lack of instinct to use a condom. A lot of young people who are not so aware of the risk of STIs are now sexually active and that's the issue in my opinion. I agree with the idea that a girl might not have the will to insist a guy use a condom when she's drunk but it's a two-sided issue. In that case it would mean the guy doesn't have the instinct to use one either. Even if you're drunk, if you know that having sex without a condom is very risky and you usually have the instinct to use one, you will make sure you use one even when drunk UNLESS you're coerced into not using one. If you've been brought up properly and learnt the importance of using a condom, the factor of alcohol is of minor importance. What alcohol does though, is bring out people's carelessness with contraception. Just as most drink drivers will be careless drivers when sober...

    As for the AIDS-like shock campaign, it wouldn't work because AIDS is not the risk it used to be. Today, in Europe, if you're not homosexual and don't practice certain acts that homosexuals do, then the risk is low. As most STIs are not life-threatening, the government won't bother doing much. It will just let people catch them, suffer badly, maybe become sterile, get urological problems and learn the hard way.
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