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Discomfort when in infront of people watch

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    Please Keep Anon -

    Over the past few months (maybe around 6) I've noticed my eating habits have changed.

    When I am with people eating (other than my immediate family) I get really uncomfortable eating and get really paranoid. Its weird though, i dont mind eating on my own in a busy place, I hate sitting in the company of others and eating as I feel like they are watching me and I get really paranoid.

    I didn't realise how bad it was until I went to nandos last night (my favorite place!!) with my best (male) friend who ive ate infront of many times!! If we go out to eat i usually sit next to him rather than facing him, but the only table we had was where we were facing eachother.

    He bought my meal and i just couldnt eat it and pretended to feel sick. I had about 8 chips but every single time I was peating them I felt so paranoid. I tried to generate conversation to try and draw more attention away from it, in the end I was left with a plate that had not been touched AT ALL and it was just a mess off me nervously playing with it.

    I felt so awful as he paid for it, but im not sure why im feeling like this..

    I also have business meetings with work, over lunch where I just order the easiest thing to eat. I never eat what I fancy i always pick something that i believe would be easy.

    Im concerned now because im single and i dont want this to become a problem if i go on dates..Also, im not sure if it is serious enough to go see someone about it? What do you think?

    I lost alot of weight last year I went from just over 10 st to 8 stone. Although i look a lot better than i used to, i feel like ive lost the person I used to be as I was never really shy as I always relied on my personality to shine through my flaws.

    But my diet lasted a long time and it really did take over my life for a certain amount of time, when I had to stop at 8 stone. I didn't really want it stop I did go to 7 stone 10 but then realised it was a bit ridiculous..Although I do constantly think that I'd love to be back on my diet now but I cant because my lifestyle is so busy with 2 jobs and final year of university.

    Im not sure if this is related, but i've noticed it started after my diet..

    Does anyone know what this could be?

    I dont think its a social fear because im fine going out in public etc so Im really curious?


    maybe you're subconciously thinking people are going to be judging you for what you eat? orr you're making a reason tonot eat because you're used to dieting now? Force yourself to eat in public, don't let it take over you

    I'm not sure "forcing yourself" to eat in front of others is going to be the most helpful approach, particularly if you don't know where your anxiety has come from. It could reinforce negative feelings about yourself rather than helping you.

    However, if you continue to avoid the problem you are going to reinforce the behaviour and make it harder to overcome in the long run.

    Perhaps you could consider some counselling to help you understand why you have these feelings combined with gradually increased exposure to social eating?
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