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Is there any point in doing HL Physics without HL Maths? watch


    (Original post by lalilou)
    If you want to do Physics at University, most universities will ask for HL Maths. But if not, stick to what you have.

    Talking from experience, HL Maths is a massive leap from GCSE Maths (even if you're a top dog right now). This is because in comparison to other countries around the world, the English Education system is a bit behind with its maths, and the IB is international, so it doesn't take that into account. Countries such as Spain, Greece and China tackle GCSE-level Maths at a much earlier stage of their education.

    On the other hand SL Maths is a bit more manageable. Also, for HL Physics, you won't need anything more than the SL Maths ability. In terms of mathematical problems, they're much less challenging than HL Maths.

    If you're looking at it from a 'which one can I get more out of' perspective, then I think you'd benefit much more from, say, a 7 in SL Maths, than a 3 in HL Maths

    Also, the difference between HL English and SL English is not as significant. There is more content and one more essay assignment, but you don't really feel the leap from HL to SL as much. And personally, I'm a big fan of English HL, so I would recommend it! However, I think that you'll be getting the new syllabus, which is quite different, so not sure whether maybe the new syllabus will make a bigger significance between SL and HL English.

    While on the topic of syllabus changes, the French B syllabus is changing for your year-group too, which makes me assume that that will also change for German. And it's going to become incredibly challenging, especially at HL. Lots of literature-based assessment, and generally of a much higher level than A-level German.

    Thought I'd add that in, in case it prompts you to consider taking German down to SL and Maths up to HL (if you want to do Physics at uni or something). Although you said you'd rather not do that, if you end up in a school with a bad German teacher, as well as a new, more challenging syllabus, you might find that to be the recipe for a fail. Whereas with English it's a bit easier to excel independently, through reading critical essays etc.

    Anyway, good luck! I'm sorry to say that you're about to embark on a horrible 2 years, which will make you wish you'd just stuck to a-levels. Prepare to have to say a lot of 'no's to 18th birthday invitations. I had to miss two of my best friends' 18ths because I had my Italian Final Oral the following day of one, and my EE deadline the following day of the other.
    Great POST, this i guess is the reality. People need to realize that GCSE and IB are far from each other, so the STEP from GCSE to IB is huge and some people struggle as they think it is easy like GCSE when your teachers explains everything in detail, in the IB, particularly at my school teachers dont do much they expect us to work and get good grades !

    (Original post by Cesium)
    Yeah, I agree with you, I have been looking for good universities for aeronautical engineering and all of them require HL Maths. EVEN some unis require just Maths, so I am guessing for engineering Maths is even more required than a Science subject !
    Yeah, of course. Engineering is basically really applied maths.


    If you want to do anything phyics maths realted then choose HL. studies no becuas eeven [hyics is more detailed than studies. Methods is fine. But again its how well you cope with the subject and what you like doing/ want to do.
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    Sorry about the late response - my internet has been broken a while...

    Thanks everyone for your advice - after much thought I have decided to go with HL Physics and SL Maths, because doing HL Maths would mean that I'd have to drop a subject down to SL that I really loved... and I don't REALLY love Maths. :P

    Also, I think the chance that I do Physics at uni is probably less than me doing German or something else, so HL Maths wouldn't be vital anyway.

    Thanks again everyone!

    i realized this year that with HL math, i was able to SEE how the equations given in the textbook were formed, rather than taking them for granted by the authors. seeing applications of calculus (HL math y1) in HL physics let me truly appreciate the power of maths.

    rant done
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