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    I am male, and I've never had a relationship before with anyone or kissed someone properly. I met this guy the same age as me at the age of 13 just before leaving a Middle School and joining an Upper School with this person, he was in a different Middle School but to join together if you get what I'm on about...
    When I met him for the first time at the first day of the new school it was awkward at first.
    But then we just got closer and closer and eventually started to talk every night about 4 hours on Skype Video Call, MSN, Facebook, Text ETC.
    We started to meet up outside of school but just as friends, he said a few things to me which were sexual but I couldn't figure out if it was him joking or him being serious.
    We flirted at school several times and smiled whenever we saw each other and I thought initially something was going somewhere. But wasn't sure if he felt the way I felt (Crush)

    Everyone began to find out about us two and thought that we fancied each other.
    Things began to change between us, he didn't want to go on socialize as much by this time. He found out that this girl that I knew fancied him and went out with her to make everyone think I fancied him. (He told one of my friends this)
    I was so upset by the fact he did this I deleted him on Facebook ETC and he didn't realise what he did wrong and I just accepted and got on with it.
    By this time our friendship had changed completely and we saw each other 5 days in a row outside of school.
    After this we completely stopped talking...

    By now it has been a year and a half ago and things have changed a lot, throughout this time period at school and outside school for gatherings we'd always stare at each other...
    I have been through a lot since this with symptoms of depression.

    I tried to change things for the better in the summer and we just grew apart again.
    He has told me he wants to not be as close as we used to but I don't know if he liked me more than a friend...

    I've never felt like this before with anyone and I've spoken to my friend about it and has mentioned that he has never had this with anyone either.

    By now you are probably thinking whether I am gay or not... Truth is I'm not sure, but I know one thing and that I have feelings for him, but I have liked girls before but nothing like this person.

    What do you think I should do? I really want to work things out and tell him that I have had feelings for him since I knew him but I'm scared what he might say or tell.
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