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    I want to take the pill while i'm away on holiday to save myself the hassle of having my period, but when I broached the subject with my mum she said no!

    I don't want to go behind her back and go to the GP!

    Any advice for how to
    persuade her?

    How old are you? If over 16 then she doesn't have to know; your body, your choice. There is also a pill available called northisterone which can delay your period.
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    I think by the fact that you've researched the subject and have also asked that you're old enough and wise enough to go and seek medical treatment and advice without your parents knowing, especially when it comes down to sexual health. I can't imagine telling your mom or dad things that are about your health or sexual health being particularly great, unless it's imperative that they know. IMHO I think your mom is being quite petty in simply saying no without first talking to you about it and seeing exactly why you want to take it. Are your periods particularly bad? Do you feel very uncomfortable or self aware whilst on your period? These are all things you could explain to your mum to try and make her understand why you want to take the pill.

    Looking at it from another standpoint, your mom may think that you want the pill in order to reduce the risk of pregnancy and therefore would use it to have sex. Do you have a boyfriend? If so you could try and reassure her that although yes, it would drastically reduce the risk of pregnancy, you're not taking it to have sex. There are loads of other methods of birth control besides medication, condoms (male and female) spermicidal lubricants, IUD (contraceptive coil), all of which aren't medication and all of which are easy to get your hands on. (i understand the IUD has to be inserted by a nurse or doctor). Try to explain to her that the reason you want the pill is only to control your, (after reading what you've said having a period on holiday would be bad i assume they're somewhat worse than others'), period and thats all.

    I did a google search and found this which I thought might actually fit your case:

    "Sit her down, and just speak in a reasoning tone.
    "Mom, my period hurts. The cramps are unbearable and my low red blood cell count makes me even more miserable when on my period. I've never had a boyfriend, I don't want one, so you don't have to worry about me having sex. Sex is unsanitary and disgusting, I do not want any guy seeing my butt nor do I want to see theirs. I want my period and the pain it causes to go away. Would you please take me to the doctor to get a prescription for an accurate birth control? The doctor can prescribe me one that does not interfere with my normal body functions aside from my irregularly heavy flow and painful cramps. Maybe even one that will reduce acne! I've done my research and either I need to be on medication or I'll be going through about a bottle of ibuprofen a day on my period. Please, Mommy, hear me out. It's an unbearable, miserable time of month for me. I'd appreciate it tremendously if you'd let me on the pill. I love you."
    Well, some big long speech like that. Keep your voice even and emotion free, and act very understanding. Make sure she knows that you respect her rules now and will continue to do so. Make examples of your good behavior. Make it seem like her idea."

    If you really do want to get the pill to fix a relatively easily solvable problem, go to your GP yourself and simply tell them that you would like to take a contraceptive pill. You don't need the permission of your parents just like you don't need their permission to do anything that concerns your body at your age. I understand that going behind their back is what it will seem like, but taking the initiative to be independent and take care of yourself shows just how adult you actually are and makes you more of an adult than your mom for simply saying no.

    I hope I helped and hope that you get it fixed!

    go straight to your gp, your mum doesn't have to know.

    aside from that I'm sure there's a pill you can take just to delay your period, not a contraceptive or anything. She may be happier with that?
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