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    So my friend and I both have offers from the same uni for the same course. Now, I love her and want to stay friends with her after I leave school, but I want to have a fresh start going to uni, even though she is one of my best friends. We haven't really talked about it, though both know our first choice is the same and we will (hopefully) both get the right grades. Has anyone been in this position? It's just awkward, and I wonder if being in different accomodation or being in a large year group for the course will make a difference? I just don't want to destroy our friendship by having to say I want to make new friends, though she probably feels the same, and we'd drift apart eventually if we did go to Uni aiming to still be good friends.
    Any advice?

    Well I have ended up with boyfriend same uni same course for next year (we both knew what we were doing before we met so it's not totally creepy). I think you just have to make that extra effort to make your own life so you don't stick with what you know. There's nothing wrong with still seeing her though, you just have to be conscious of the situation and adjust so you avoid any possible negative consequences, because they aren't inevitable. Of course you can make new friends, you just have to not couple up.
    You might drift apart, but it's not the worst thing in the world and hopefully you'll be having a sufficiently good time to get over it and move on with life

    In my opinion I would rather be split up by impractical distances than drifting apart slowly.

    Then, when you do meet, it's more of a wanting to catch up and having more to say, than going from decent conversations to just a hello when yous pass each other

    It can work! I know a few people in uni who have been in this position.
    If you both go in different accommodation then you will have seperate groups of friends but can still be friends with each other. I think if you were in the same accommodation then you would spend too much time together and may get jealous if you see the other doing things without you.

    If you were in different accommodation but in the same city you could still go over to each others flat's and take your friends with you but you'd have distance and wouldn't get annoyed with each other like you do with flatmates and risk ruining your friendship!

    And you can still sit together in lectures and help each other with work. You just don't have to be in each other's pockets all the time.

    I know two girls who were best friends from home and live in the same flat in halls.. but do different courses and they're fine, but they are 22-23 so this might make a difference.

    If it's the uni you really want to go to don't let this stop you!
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    Thanks for making me feel so much better about this everyone I just need to broach the topic with her I think which will be difficult. hopefully if we choose different accomodation then the separation will be more natural and we can still stay friends xx
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