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Why is my friend like this? Is she just using me? :( EDITED! version! watch

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    Okay, so i fell out with my best friend 'fiona' a few years ago she then became more friendly with a few of my other friends and they often went out clubbing when they were like 16/17 & I was never invited because they didn't want to cause 'tension' apparently, they also planned an holiday which never went ahead that i wasnt invited to bcz of this 'tension' (It was my best friend who fell out with me btw, it should have been the other way though, she was just a ***** in the end!)

    Anyway so one of my other friends, 'nadine' started becoming more paly with girls from her dancing and they started going out with my group of friends from school except me and my other friend 'natalie' who were excluded. I called my friend 'nadine' out on it (i guess she liked to take the role as the person who makes a lot of the decisions in the group?) but apparently they didnt mean to exclude me it was just because I didnt have fake id, rubbish excuse tho they just didnt include me when they were going to sign up for the id, like did it behind my back sort of thing.

    Anyway, it got a bit better when me and my friend 'nadine' went to uni we do the same course (at home) but one of her dancing buddys went to a uni a few hours away, so she started inviting me out more. 'nadine' also met her boyfriend through one of my guy friends, then started to become more friendly with his friends (who im not friends with really)

    'nadine's' 'dancing' friend dropped out of uni and now works back home full time, so im never invited out with them anymore. To make matters worse her 'dancing' friends have now became friends with my ex best friend 'fiona', but she never really goes out drinking with them. My friend 'nadine' boasts bout their night outs during uni which is the only place i really see her now one of my other friends who i said was also 'excluded' 'natalie' doesnt talk to my friend AT ALL now because of her behaviour! They also went on a holiday and didnt invite me :/ even tho im pals with like her (nadines) bf and his best friend is my best guy mate! My uni friends then ask me why I wasnt invited and it just makes me really upset and angry I don't know what to do anymore, its really getting to breaking point now. I think about it all the time!


    p.s sorry if its long x

    So how exactly is she using you?
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