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    It was much different to how I expected it to be.

    Firstly, I thought I'd get on okay with at least some, if not all, of my flatmates. How wrong I was. Very quickly they split off into a group of 3 and another of 2, leaving me as the sixth wheel. Also, I'm a very fussy eater so I tend to just cook for myself, meaning if I want to cook something I have to get in there quick. They were doing a sunday roast once so I had to wait 3 hours before I could use the oven. Another time they offered me some of what they were cooking, so I thought I'd try it, I only managed to eat half of it though and they went spare at me. One time I brought my friend back and she had a bit of banter with one of my housemates about his nationality, the others took it to be an argument and had a go at me for not saying anything to her in front of them (we were meant to go to the cinema that night, but they were so pissed off that they all went without me).

    ^^ Turns out one of them hated me as well, with no reason whatsoever. I moved out after a month as I just couldn't take living with them anymore, I felt like a prisoner. Moved to where my friend lived, and it's been a lot better (and much lower rent!)

    Made a few friends but I don't really go out all that much, just to either pub quizzes or out with the boyfriend (who I met whilst at uni). Not a big fan of clubs, too claustrophobic for me.

    On the work side, I do a joint honours degree (Law & Politics, 2/3 law 1/3 politics) and I seem to be doing a lot better on the politics side for some reason. For me, the work isn't too bad, with some assignments I can do them a few nights before the due date, whereas with others I have to do them a while in advance. Averaging a 2:1 overall though atm, so that's pretty good I think.

    In all honesty OP, it depends on these things: what kind of person you are, which uni you're going to, which course you're on, and where you're living (accommodation-wise).

    It's the best

    For me the most valuable part has been a new perspective on my old life and the sort of silly beliefs and prejudices I used to hold. You are able to put your family life in context, as well as to analyse your friendships and how they have held you back or shaped you.

    However this has been at the cost of numerous episodes of depression and loneliness. Personally, I am not used to the constant proximity of people like flatmates and even genuine friends. Therefore in general I have seen my depressive periods worsen and segue into odd madnesses lasting a day or two.

    On the whole, however, I feel that's a small price to pay for the great strides I have made, particularly in independence and sexual development, over a relatively short period.

    Socially, I occasionally feel I've gone backwards, though the pressures are higher because I'm obliged to get on with many people, often over-privileged and self-satisfied, instead of sticking with my existing friendship group. On the whole then, I believe that socially I am in the process of adaptation. It is hard because I naturally retreat away in the face of a social challenge, but this feels more impossible here, so I have no defence mechanism.

    (Original post by Hanvyj)

    I agree with most of what you said, but I read the above line (i think this wasn't intended?) that at uni you have to pick which to do, and do that all the time.
    No, course not! I'm in my final year, and I find I regret all the time I've spent on bbc.co.uk (you don't actually learn anything worthy from that - no depth or opinions!), facebook, gambling sites... there are too many distractions, it's savage! But I definitely don't regret any social occassions (even the awkward ones!), nor getting some work done. I can't quite make out if thestudentroom is 'educating' or a waste of time. part of me thinks that I only go on it as an insecurity thing; I'm not sure anyone really listens to each others arguments on the political debates and stuff at all...?

    (Original post by BabyGirl92)
    My flatmates are SO immature too! I get on with them well but it does my head in.
    Like this morning for example one of them walked from his room to another room in the flat wearing only the tighest boxers and he's not even 'fit'. And the other flatmate thought it would be funny to get me into the room for the shock of my life in the morning seeing him almost naked. And when everyone is around our flat before a night out he finds it funny to go and get ready and walk out of his room naked with just a tea-towel.

    My friends flatmate also once decided he's wake up everybody after a night out because he always gets woken up. So he went into his flatmates room who was out at the time and got all her underwear from her drawer and put it all over the kitchen, took her mattress out, put porn on her telly on max volume and then decided to turn the sofa upside down in the kitchen. And it woke up the whole block!

    A 'friend' of mine also trashed my flat by decided to cover the whole room in BBQ sauce and eggs and popping about 20 waterbombs..

    I know flats get messy and stuff but it was deliberate and just over the top.
    Yea, that kind of stuff is just too much for me. I don't think there's that many people like that though.
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