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    Please keep anon, this is quite long and very personal. The more replies to get to this the better, I'm in an awful state.

    I'm at university and found it really hard to fit in. A friend of my cousins goes to my uni and he introduced us to each other, and we really really got along. I considered him to be one of my closest friends and I only have around two of thise, and I also felt extremely attracted to him, I fancied him.

    So, me being the silly immature girl that I am, decided to tell him this. He was put off and explained how I shouldn't get the wrong idea because he's only friends with me because my Cousin almost told him to, but I trusted him with everything and we had a lot of fun together. We've spoken since I told him this and the texts seem normal, but not as funny and enjoyable as they were before.

    He also now has a girlfriend, meaning he wont have time to see me much anymore anyway. We used to always meet up near halls or on my campus, but now it's holidays and then exams, that wont happen, adding to the awkwardness.

    We don't text like before, we don't meet up like before, we don't have that friendship anymore. He was my best friend and now he doesn't want to know me and I genunely have very few friends.

    I feel like just ending my life, if he's not in it or there for me, I don't know what else to do.

    I love him. He hates me and thinks I'm some annoying first year with a massive crush on him who he is only friends with because I had some family dficulties he knew about and because my cousin told him to.


    plenty of fishes left in the sea... NEXT!!


    no one currs

    why are you all being so harsh to op?!
    i think youre a bit infatuated with him, he has a gf now and if you were the gf you wouldnt want him spending so much time with someone who'd confessed she wanted to be more than friends, would you? so maybe he's just taking her feelings into account.
    i think you need to concentrate on your other friends and doing other things. this isnt the end of the world and after a bit of time, im sure you'll grow in a friendship that's a bit more distanced , which would be good for both of you.

    ok, if you haven't understood correctly, this subforum is for threads like this, so stop being douchebags and help op out

    anyway, I think you should just try and forget about him and move on, it will take a few weeks maybe but once the transition phase is over, you will have found something to do to fill the gaps in your life, and maybe even found a new friend

    for me it helps to stay around people when I'm down, and just think to yourself that in10 years time, you will tell this anecdote as a funny story at the dinner table
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