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Why can't society accept that awkward situtations happen? watch


    Limmy has it covered.

    (Original post by Ivor)
    Seeing people you know in supermarkets, talk, say goodbye, then they stalk you, every ailse you go down they are there.

    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    An example I used a while back: You're having sex with a girl, and at climax/orgasm you scream out your mother's name. So it happens to all of us? :awesome:

    Also socially awkward penguin is pretty awesome in describing socially awkward situations. Don't take any of these too seriously:
    • Chair noise sounds like fart - desperately attempt to recreate
    • Don't understand what someone says, ask to repeat, still don't understand. Laugh and hope it wasn't a question
    • Somebody bumps into you - say sorry
    • Someone confronts you - win fight in imagination later on
    • Ring bus early by accident, get off early.
    • Nothing to contribute to conversation - check your phone
    • Walk into a bathroom and someone is there - act like you came in there to wash hands and leave
    • Waiter says enjoy your food, you say 'you too'.
    • "Happy birthday" - "you too"
    • "Now class, find a partner"
    • Say goodbye, start walking the same way
    • Hold door for person behind you, they are slightly too far away.

    I've noticed that when awkwardness does occur, people take out their mobiles and pretend to be deeply interested in texts they received days ago.

    (Original post by lukas1051)
    For example, whenever there is an awkward silence, both people involved desperately try to think of something to say and just come out with something stupid. Is it not inevitable that at some point in our lives, there will be a brief moment where there is nothing of particular importance to talk about?
    Awkward silences used to make me feel uncomfortable, but now I just don't care. Depending on the situation, I may say something to start a new conversation or just look around casually and wait for the other person to say something.

    (Original post by lukas1051)
    Or when someone does something embarassing, like singing really badly, you see them going red and getting embarassed. Instead of thinking "ah well, it happens to all of us" we just sit there feeling uncomfortable, embarassed for them.
    If everyody watching were to just sit there in silence, it would be really awkward regardless of what they're thinking. The only way to make that situation less uncomfortable is for someone to make a joke or just do something to draw attention away from the embarassed person.

    I have no idea, some people just don't know how to deal with it I guess. I rarely find myself in awkward situations because... well i don't really know why I would be in one, plus it's stupid, so I just don't deal with it.

    I dunno, me and my girlfriend never really had any... maybe the first time we met but that's natural you know? Didn't let it get in the way of anything.
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