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feeling very weird after starting anti depressents? watch


    (Original post by nnnomi)
    It's what real happiness feels like.

    Congratulations, you're better.
    This couldn't be more true.

    (Original post by daisydaffodil)
    I'm not sure to be honest - my GP never really went into that side of things, just that they take a long time to reach their full effect.

    I will stick in with it, will take it again tonight - apparently I was more quiet and dopey today than normal but not too bad. Hopefully GP will be able to advise more tommorow, my normal GP (who's off on hols) said to expect to feel a bitty odd but to stick it at it for a while to see if it improves, rather than simply giving up. And my mum/friend know I'm on them so they're sort of keeping an eye.
    Ok ty for the info hope iw roks for u
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    (Original post by daisydaffodil)
    Took 5mg cipralex at 9pm last night... Now nearly 24 hours on, I feel like I've just come out of a general anaesthetic - very tired, dizzy, spaced out, floppy and weak. Stomach also a bit icky and have a funny taste/feeling in my mouth. Is this normal? I did read the leaflet which had hundreds of side effects? My vision sometimes goes a bit funny too, right now I'm seeing green lines on the white b/ground of the screen. I've got a doc appt tommorow night and will inveitably mention to her how I feel but just wondering if anyone else reacted like this, and how quickly it went?
    I'm on citalopram at the moment and had similar experiences to you when I first started - some nausea, not entirely there, and the first time I took it I ended up nearly passed out on my friends sofa. Also sometimes when I was inevitably lying awake at night my vision went a bit weird - only in the dark though. Like a very faint transparent kaleidoscope. Check with your doctor/pharmacist, but I wouldn't worry too much.
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