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No friends? watch

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    I have always been a loner, all through school and growing up, I have had friendships with people but never had a 'best friend', I have had several girlfriends but nothing serious, I didn't really think too much of it until I started university.

    In the last few years I have lost contact with everybody I have ever known or hung out with, for one reason or another, when others are all heading off out on student nights, to the cinema, to the beach etc.. I am always alone.. drinking and watching television by myself. I have never been invited to a party although I do have a facebook I guess others just don't know I exist.

    I have tried to form bonds with other people at university but with no success.. I don't think i'm a bad person, I would never put anybody down or laugh at them, and I am not arrogant or self-centred.. but I am getting depressed seeing everybody having fun and going out and I am never involved.. I don't know what to do to tackle this does anybody have any advice?

    Hope for some good responses

    Thanks for reading

    my advice would be to invite your self out more often, like asking others what plans they have and go along. really make lots of effort to meet up with people by txting or fb. invite people out for a drink or somethin. or try different clases like salsa or sumthin.
    I hope some of that helps and good luck xx

    I know how you feel... despite being a sociable person I seem to only ever up with acquaintances instead of friends. Not sure if I’m naturally comfortable with being a loner or I’ve just gotten used to it over the years.

    Anyway, I suppose that means I’m not the best person to offer you advice... but, keep trying, see if you can build on the relationships you’re got and check out any groups or societies you could contribute to.

    I think you just need to have a bit more confidence in yourself!No one deserves to feel lonely and especially if you are a good person-people will want to be around you and be your friend if you're just confident with who you as a person. You seem to have a low self esteem-so invest your time into doing something you enjoy and that means something to you, so that way you will meet new people and you will grow in your self confidence. Just think, you do deserve to have friends and you do deserve to be happy, so go out there and have fun! you only live once! cheesily cliched- -don't try to hard just be yourself sorry if i have totally misjudged you

    Why not ask them if you can join them next time they go out ?
    They may just think you would rather stay in alone if you don't say anything.

    Or ask them if they wanna join you when you go somewhere , even if its just to the shop or something.

    I used to be really quiet and didn't talk much to anyone until i got to know them and once i got the confidence i really enjoyed myself and started talking to people more.
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