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Would you be happy with your b'friend/g'friend doing drugs? watch


    (Original post by agolati)
    It's less harmful than alcohol in most ways!
    You're only brought up to see drugs as a bad thing because of it's media association to junkies. The same media that pushes you to dream about being a top financier or a celebrity or some sort. Well let me tell you now, they ALL do it for fun, not just the random street junkie.
    So because of media, you associate drugs with junkies who are almost homeless, unclean, can't look after themselves, etc.
    This dude's totally on the right wavelength :yy:

    Cannabis, LSD, and Ecstasy have been proven to be less harmful and addictive than alcohol.
    I would bring my charts up again but I really cba this time.

    Oops, forgot to answer the question :awesome:
    I'd be alright with a partner doing drugs so long as:
    They had known their dealer for a while (so he's a trusted source)
    They weren't taking it all the time
    They weren't off their face every time they saw me
    They used them responsibly and recreationally

    I'd expect the same of myself.

    Hell no

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm having to accept to some sort of degree that young people (18-25) just want to experiment when it comes to drugs, you know, feel 'feckin amazing' and all that sort of thing. Ok, not everyone does drugs (im talking, coke, ecstacy and rave-related drugs), but you're more likely to try them when you are younger. I say this because im 30 and my boyfriend is 23 and still wants to do drugs - not all the time, just blow outs at raves now and again. Now, im passed all that, aside from a bit of weed every few months, but i was just wondering how you would feel if your boyfriend or girlfriend took drugs?.....
    hey i would just enjoy it, remember how horny you felt after a line, well he is bound to tbe the same and in moderation it cant be bad. but i would say make sure it is purely for fun and not become addicted :-(
    have fun tyou flirty thirty x


    Although I'm only 21, I've been there and done that when it comes to drugs. I've tried a fair few different ones, mainly due to peer pressure, but never really enjoyed them. So no, I wouldn't be happy if my other half did drugs;.

    I wouldn't be happy about it, but so long as it was only occasional and didn't interfere with the relationship - like disappearing places to do them when he's meant to be out with me, or putting me/himself in danger due to the drugs - then I'd manage to be ok with it. I might even get persuaded to try them, though only a bit.
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