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    So I've been bugging my teacher to mark and give me feedback on a unit of coursework for the best part of 3 months now...

    When other students hand in work, she will mark it and have feedback ready for at the latest next week...

    I've heard a range of excuses, from she couldn't find it, she couldn't open it, she forgot etc

    Today in the lesson she could see I was fairly angry and after 10mins of "finding the right memory stick" she agreed to sit down and go through it.

    This talk lasted the best part of 5 minutes and it was disappointing to notice that she had obviously never been past the first page since she was making ridiculous comments and went on to suggest that something was missing in one assessment evidence and yet I was able to locate it for her in a few seconds.

    I was expecting a feedback form filled in with marks and comments so I can spend this weekend coming in perfecting it before the "easter deadline"

    But what worries me the most is, when discussing my grade, she seemed adamant I am incapable of achieving anything like I believe the coursework currently bears without her non-existant feedback and readjustments.

    That being said, my Jan Module exams were all A's with 99/100 in Econ and 91/100 in Math.

    I guess I should end this rant and end with what I really wanted to ask...

    Will a moderator of coursework use a teachers guide of marks/comments as a big influence on their marking?

    My teacher has basically told me she dislikes me today, and has suggested there is a barrier between me and a high level mark in this coursework.

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    PS Reviewer
    Your work may not even be moderated, and teachers marks are taken into account but the whole point of moderation is to ensure marking is being done fairly and appropriately.

    If I were you I would ask a different teacher who you are on good terms with to have a look for you and don't let your teacher know. Then you can see if they are being unfair - which they may well be. Teachers are people and not free from emotional influence. Failing this, you are able to complain to the head of department.

    As a side note: you should take this as a lesson on why you should keep the people that mark your work on your side; it really does come in useful.
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    Yeah, I might see if my old high school offer the same exam board and ask if someone can have a look at it.

    And yeah, I get on with all my teachers so well, my economics teachers have jokes with me everyday and my math teacher is a hero...

    But she's just... I don't even know, I always made a point of saying "have a nice weekend" to her after fridays lesson last period every week and have never done anything to annoy her directly...

    That sucks man, I have had the same thing before, at GCSE it's ridiculous the amount of teachers I had to persuade to let me to higher rather then foundation despite the fact that I'm very well behaved and they barely see my work. I got all A's so I wasn't wrong. Is their another teacher? Can you directly tell her this? If not your going to have to find something to check it up yourself on or find someone else :P Or complain to someone to get her to. Parents complaining may help alot
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