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    (Original post by arunadindane)
    What do HYMS and Manchester think about GCSE's and UKCAT? - Realistically
    Manchester's policy is a little more complicated than simply ranking by UKCAT. Only those applicants who score above the cutoff (which varies year on year) for their academics, PS and reference will have their UKCAT looked at. So, if you don't score highly enough for the rest of your application you will be rejected without interview no matter how high your UKCAT score. On the upside, if your PS etc is scored highly then you may still get an interview with a UKCAT in the mid-600s.

    Your GCSEs are good enough for Manchester, i.e. you won't be rejected on the basis of your GCSEs alone.

    I would add to all that that there is no point going to a med school with super high admission criteria if that means you end up studying in an environment which you don't like. Look at the whole package including their teahing styles, their ethos, the type of people who study there, etc.

    (Original post by arunadindane)
    What is the best medical school (by this I mean the one with the highest entry requirements) that I would realistically have a chance when applying to with these GCSE's

    A*A*AAAAAAABB + 1/2A*

    2A* 7A 2B 1/2A*

    and for those wondering the B's were not in any subject medical schools specify you have i.e. english, maths or science.

    Also I am aware of the requirements of most medical schools (having looked at the table on tsr and checked websites) but just as you only require C's to apply to Cambridge I just dont think the table tells the whole story.

    Thank you
    Based on your GCSEs, I wouldn't apply to any med school which places a high emphasis on the number of A*s acheived (e.g. Birmingham, Cardiff, Oxford..).
    Further points to consider would be your UKCAT or BMAT scores- you mention you've previously managed to achieve 670, which is a very good score, but may not be suitable for some places such as Sheffield & perhaps Newcastle + Barts. Bear in mind that some places, such as Leicester, score you according to your lowest section score as opposed to the average
    Applying to BMAT unis is risky as you only find out your score after you have applied, and in places such as Imperial, missing the cutoff by as little as 0.1 points in one section can mean instant rejection.
    Lastly, maybe think of the amount of extracurricular activities/work experience you have- for example Edinburgh place a very high emphasis on these.

    Having taken these facts into consideration, it is a matter of the type of course you believe would suit your learning style best (integrated/traditional/pbl) as well as the place itself- open days are vital imo.

    Best of luck
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