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I was recently told that my application for the BCL had been accepted by the Facutly but was being circulated to the colleges for formal consideration. Does anyone know how much more competitive this college-stage of the process is?
It's ok, at the very least there's no real stress, if you've been accepted into the faculty, you're at the very least guaranteed a college. I think you're still early, I'd imagine most of the colleges still have places available. If you've applied to especially competitive colleges (although I'm not sure if any particular college has such huge dominance in the graduate applications procedure at Oxford in quite the same way as Trinity, King's and St John's at Cambridge), then the absolute worst case scenerio is that you'll be rejected from your first choice, the rest of your allocated choices may not appreciate being put so far down in your priority list and you may then end up at a graduate college. From my personal experience, I don't think this is likely to happen, it doesn't seem such a big deal getting into your first choice if you have an application that has been accepted by such a competitive faculty.
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