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    Hey all,

    So just got rejected from UCL yesterday (lawl.) so I can finally make my uni choices. Basically, I have offers from Imperial, Warwick and Bristol for engineering. Now, I know this is, for most of you, going to be an instant 'OMFG F1RM IMPERAIL' but hear me out.

    So, imperial wants 39 points, out of 45, and two 7s (A*s) in maths and physics. I'm fairly certain I wont end up getting an A* in maths, just because I havn't been aiming for one all along, and was predicted a six. So, I'm thinking of firming Bristol. The course seems excellent, the place is nice, and the people there seemed really accommodating. And they want 37, with 6,6 in maths and physics. But if I don't firm them, I won't be guaranteed accommodation.

    Basically, it comes down to this:

    Do I firm imperial, probably not get sufficient points, end up worse off in Bristol


    Pass up imperial (Who I've never been to, and they didn't seem as interested in me) and firm bristol?

    Thing is, I'm a tiny bit (not very) worried that I may have what I like to call 'foreigner syndrome' (i'm irish by the way) and think that Bristol is a lovely place to go, while most people who actually live in the UK would disagree. For example, someone who says they just found a really 'lovely' place in <insert dodgy east end location here>. Or, the irish equivilant 'yeah, i'm going to galway university' (west of ireland, and very, very depressing place).

    So, any comments from you, oh knowledgable T'SRrians?



    Just to clarify - both Bristol and Imperial want the same grades?

    If they do, I would say definitely go for Imperial, because well... it's Imperial! Seeing as you're from Ireland, I think it'd be a great thing to live in London for a change as it's like no other. But if you don't want too much of a change then I suppose Bristol is the best place for you.
    Personally I'd pick Imperial, because it'd make your job prospects phenomenal.

    However, if Imperial want higher grades than Bristol, firm Imperial and have Bristol as your back up.
    Best of luck with your choice!
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    Ooops, sorry. Editted.

    Bristol - 37, (6,6) in maths/physics

    Imperial - 39, (7,7).

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