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    I don't meant o sound like an idiot but for some reason the slightest thing can knock me off and make me doubt myself majorly which in turn affects my results.

    So I am doing AS-level at the minute and in the January exams I got an A in law (By a few ums), an A in politics and govt, a C in history (although I am resitting) and a C in critical thinking.

    Just recently I did an english mock and I got 5/40 which comes out as unclassified.

    I really want to do a history degree but obviously one form a good uni is on hold at the moment because of the January exams.

    Now I planned to drop English anyway because I just find it impossible no matter what I do with it but as usual this has had a knock on effect to me.

    I just have this natural worry in the back of my mind that I will not be able to pick it up back up in history and my law and politics results will not carry on being good for whatever reason. I never get good results in class but I do in the exams.

    So yeah cut out the crap basically my questions are:
    would one really bad As level (english) that comes out at something like an E affect me when applying to uni if my others were of A and B standard?

    How can I stop myself from doubting myself even though in two subjects I already have a quarter of an A level or half an AS level that is an A?

    Rep will be given to the best answers as always (this does not mean being super nice, just honest and helpful).

    Many thanks.

    Nope I don't think they even look specifically if its not necessary. Like for example, if you did an english degree I'm sure they would look at your english results but they wouldn't look at something completely irrelevant. You've done really well so far! So don't let this dampen your spirits. And if it helps my highest grade at a moment is a D lol I'm sure the universities I applied to didn't look at my grades at all!

    Well the universities look at subjects that are relevant to what you want to do there. If you make the grades in your other lessons (which you will do going by your grades) then you will hit the requirements and there will be no worry there. However grades are not everything when it comes to university, your personal statement matters a lot and how you present yourself in an interview (if you have to go through one) universities deal with more students you can imagine and know that students can slip up at times, but this does not really apply to you since you are hitting the grade markers.

    For advice all I would say is to not change anything that your doing, you are obviously doing enough revision and have a natural flair to exams/coursework. There are plenty of people I know who get full marks in class but cannot perform well under exam circumstances. Exams are not luck and I think you need to realise that maybe? you just need to continue what you are doing and you'll get to where you want to be.

    Good luck!

    i think you just have to play to your strengths, and by all means having an interest in a subject is a strength! i cant say that i am mathematically gifted at all but i love physics and am very interested in it so things stick better. on the other hand maths, is a bit dull, so the grades arent all that high. while some would say english and history is similar (and i can see how you would base your overall productivity on seperate subjects) i just dont see how you can compare a subject that you want to drop anyway to subjects that you enjoy (want to study) and are getting good grades in anyway.

    as it goes with applying, a lot of unis look at the whole thing but if you are a strong candidate with a hick up they will almost certainly overlook it. i have a friend who just got into bristol for philosophy with a D in maths (the whole a level)

    so all in all i would say you have to realize that subject ARE seperate and that your performance in one shouldnt have any standing on your motivation in the other subjects.

    hope any of that made sense.

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